• 1、为了交流学习经验,提高学习效率,《英语学习报》正在举行以" How to be a good learner"为主题的征文比赛。请你踊跃投稿。

    内容提示: habit, way, get ready, listen, go over, homework, study in groups, help each other, work hard, do sports


    How to be a good learner

        To be a good learner, we should


        I hope all these will be helpful to us.

  • 2、上星期四是教师节,请根据提示将短文内容补充完整,每空一词。(5分)

        Last Thursday was Day. Students the festival in many ways for their teachers. Some of them bought flowers and small gifts teachers, while others gave teachers some cards with their best wishes. Some students even gave performances, like singing and dancing. But no matter  they did, it was their love for their teachers. All the teachers felt on that day.

  • 3、阅读短文,根据要求回答下列问题。

        Two Chinese farmers sang "in the spring" in their small room after drinking in a late August evening in Beijing. A friend put their song on the Internet. And soon they became stars around China.

        Wang Xu, 44, is from Henan, and Liu Gang, 29, is from Heilongjiang. They are among the millions of farmers who have gone to the cities to work.

        "Although nobody pays attention to the music, I am singing happily, on streets, under bridges or in wild country, with no credit card, no girlfriend or a home with hot water, but only a guitar." They sing, "It is just like the life we live now." Wang said, "We are poor farmers, and you know people won't care about us."

        Their song is loved by millions of Chinese, including the people who are also from the countryside. Many people said they cried after listening to the song.

        Wang came to Beijing in 2000 and has tried many jobs. Each month after he paid 600 yuan for the house and bought food, there was little money left." I love music, and also want to make more money." Wang said." I never dreamed of standing on such a big stage."

        Liu came to Beijing in 2002. "I wanted to try my luck in the big city." He said. And now their dreams of music have come true. They are really the luckiest of all the farmers in China.

    (1)、Where is Liu Gang from?
    (2)、Have their dreams of music come true?
    (3)、Who is their song loved by?
    (4)、Why did Liu Gang come to Beijing in 2002?
    (5)、What do you think of the two farmer singers?
  • 4、根据短文内容,从下面五个选项中选出能填入文中空缺处的最佳选项

    Just In Time

        "Come on, Sasha," my father shouted. "Put the book down and get your clarinet(竖笛). We have to leave now if you don't want to miss the class."

        A clarinet class? I thought to myself. . Yes, I would like to miss the class. "Coming". I got out of the bed and picked up my clarinet and rushed to the car.

        My dad started the engine and we drove off. "Hope you have a wonderful class," my dad said. "In my dream," I spoke very quietly. "Not again," my dad said angrily.

        I look out of the window. "Car traffic", I said under my breath with a big smile. This is my lucky day because I am going to miss the class.

        While we were waiting for the cars to start driving again, I was sitting in my car seat, singing a song. . What's important is that I was going to miss the class. "Great! Ten minutes passed," I said excitedly. My dad looked at me angrily. The car started to move.

        "Finally," my dad took a deep breath. We got there and I had only missed a few minutes of the class..

        "Just in time, Sasha. I was thinking you might be getting worried that you were going to miss the class," my teacher made a joke on me –knowing well that I hate the clarinet class!

    A. Unhappily, I went into the classroom

    B. Oh, right, I had clarinet class

    C. Anyway, that's not important

    D. I shouted at the top of my voice

    E. I saw what was happening outside

  • 5、根据短文内容,判断正误。

    Dear Alan,

        Guess what? I have a chance to choose my new place to live in. I am excited and a little nervous. Could you please give me some help?

    I am not sure whether I will live in a house or in an apartment. On the one hand, a house will be too big for just one person, so maybe I should rent an apartment, On the other hand, if I rent a house, I could find someone else to share with me. The only problem is that a house full of people might be too noisy for me. I prefer to have my own space. The city has some nice apartments, but they are also too expensive. However, if I could find a two-bedroom apartment and get a roommate, that would make it more affordable. I just need to search for a roommate who is neat and quiet. You know I can not live with someone who is loud and messy. I do not have a car, so I also need to think carefully about the location. I probably need to look for somewhere near a bus stop or an underground station. That way I will have more time to study and spend less time travelling.

        I'm looking forward to your reply.



    (1)、Victor feels excited because he can decide where to live.
    (2)、Victor wants to share the house with a(an)neat and quiet person.
    (3)、If Victor finds a roommate, he will waste money.
    (4)、Victor doesn't have a car, so he wants a two-bed-room apartment
    (5)、Victor also needs to think carefully about the location.
  • 6、阅读理解

        In the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese are the best hosts and the worst guests in the world. They are not really bad guests, but because the guest-host relationship in China is different from that in some western countries, it appears they are not nice guests. And Western hosts sometimes look rude in the eyes of Chinese guests.

        In China, guests are the most important people. Whenever I enter a Chinese person's home, there is always fruit on the table for me, and someone is quick to bring me a cup of tea or water. But in the west, acting according to the host's way of doing things is usual behavior for a guest.

        My wife's mother, a very kind elderly Chinese lady, doesn't smoke. When I see some of her guests smoking in her house, as a non-smoker, I feel unhappy. I usually want to stop them directly, but I must realize that in China, to be a good host, she must not do that. In most North American homes, if you are a guest, and the host are not smokers, you should not smoke in their house. At the very least, you could ask, "Is it Ok if I smoke here?" But, don't be surprised if they say, "No, you can't smoke." In our culture, if you smoke in their house, you are a bad guest, but if they don't allow you to smoke in their house, they are not a rude host.

        Guests in China also have special habits. Some Western people may not adapt to these habits very soon. Thankfully my wife is Chinese, so whenever we visit a Chinese family she tells me to buy them a gift. However, giving a gift to a host is not always necessary in my country. So, if you invite international guests to your house, don't be too surprised if they don't bring you a gift.

        In China, you probably won't need to change the guest-host relationship very much because you will probably only be the host, and Chinese are naturally very good hosts. If Western hosts invite you to their house, try not to be too surprised if their style of treating you is not what you have expected.

    (1)、The guest-host relationship in China is        from that in some Western countries.
    A、the same B、different C、difficult D、easy
    (2)、When a Western guest visits a Chinese family, he often      .
    A、buys some gifts B、feel like he is the most important person C、wants some gifts D、takes a cup of tea
    (3)、If the writer's guest want to smoke in his house, what will he probably say?
    A、It's OK if you smoke here. B、Let's smoke together. C、Sorry, you can't smoke here. D、Smoking is a bad habit.
    (4)、What is the meaning of the underlined phrase "adapt to " in the passage?
    A、think back to B、get used to C、look forward to D、keep close to
    (5)、What is the main idea of this passage?
    A、Foreigners should learn from Chinese. B、Hosts must do things in the guests' way. C、Western hosts are always nice to guests. D、People should understand cultural differences.
  • 7、阅读理解

        Some people have a very poor sense of direction. Unlucky, I am one of them. I have visited a place many times but I may still get lost there the next time.

        When I was a little girl, I never dared ask strangers the way. And so I used to walk round in circle and hope that by chance I would get to the place I was going to.

        Now, I am no longer too shy to ask people for directions, but I often receive helpless or even wrong information. So I try to avoid(避免) giving people wrong directions. If anyone asks me the way somewhere, I would say, "Sorry, I am a stranger here."

        Once on my way to work I was stopped by a man. He asked me if I could tell him the way to the Friendship Building. I gave him my usual reply. But just as I walked on only a few steps, I realized that he had asked the way to my office building. However, I had no time to turn back and look for him. I was rushing to meet with someone at my office and I didn't want to keep him waiting.

        When I just got to my office, the secretary showed in the man who had asked me for directions. Imagine how embarrassed I was and how surprised he was when we saw each other at the first sight!

    (1)、The writer always refuses to give people directions because    .
    A、she's a stranger to the city B、she doesn't know the people C、She has no time to help others D、she's afraid of giving wrong directions
    (2)、A man stopped the writer on the way to     .
    A、sell her something B、ask for the time C、make friends with her D、ask for the directions
    (3)、The Friendship Building is the place where the writer     .
    A、lives B、studies C、works D、teaches
    (4)、The word "embarrassed" in the last paragraph means "     "
    A、尴尬的 B、困惑的 C、激动的 D、拮据的
    (5)、Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
    A、The writer is too shy to give others directions. B、The writer has a very poor sense of directions. C、The writer never got lost when she was young. D、The man was quite nervous when he saw the writer.
  • 8、完形填空

        People all over the world celebrate the new year. However, not all countries celebrate in the same way, and in some countries, the new year doesn't begin on the 1 day every year.

        In many countries, the new year begins on January 1st, but people 2 celebrating on December 31st, New Year's Eve. In New York many people go to celebrate in Times Square. 3 they're waiting for the new year, they listen to music, sing traditional songs and have fun. Just before 12 o'clock, everyone 4 down from 10:10, 9, 8…As soon as it's 12 o'clock, everyone shouts very 5, "Happy New Year!"

        New Year's Day is often a family day. Some families get together for a 6 meal, when the weather is fine, many families go out for a  7.

        On New Year's Day, many people make 8 for the new year. They write down a list of things, such as "I will help out more 9the housework." "I will work10 at school than others. "or" I won't 11so much time playing video games." When they have made12resolutions, they read them to their family or friends and promise to13them.

        It doesn't matter 14people all over the world celebrate.15all of them, it's a time to say goodbye to the old year, and to welcome the year.

    A 、familiar B 、same C 、fine D 、good
    A 、stop B 、start C 、need D 、keep
    A 、If B 、Though C 、While D 、Before
    A 、comes B 、turns C 、looks D 、counts
    A 、loudly B 、quietly C 、sadly D 、safely
    A 、common B 、poor C 、special D 、quick
    A 、walk B 、secret C 、job D 、treatment
    A 、friends B 、resolutions C 、noise D 、problems
    A 、to B 、with C 、as D 、on
    A 、quickly B 、hard C 、harder D 、hardly 
    A 、take B 、cost C 、find D 、spend 
    A 、Its B 、Their C 、Her D 、His
    A 、keep B 、make C 、do D 、give 
    A 、what B 、how C 、where D 、why
    A 、By B 、For C 、With D 、From 
  • 9、阅读下面对话,从方框中选择五个最适合的句子完成对话其中有一项是多余的。

    A. Have you got it?

    B. Do you need help?

    C. I'm glad you like it.

    D. I need it to do my homework.

    E. Just don't spend too much time on it.

    F. Could you show me how to send an email?

    Ann. Thank you for the birthday gift, Dad. It's the best gift I have ever had. It's the best gift I have ever had.


    Ann: I've always wanted a computer.

    Dad: And you need it to chat(聊天)with your friend, too.

    Ann: I guess you are right.

    Dad: Send an email? Er, ust do like this.

    Ann: Yes, Dad. I think it's easy.


    Ann: I won't. I promise.

  • 10、—Alice, could you tell me ___________ London?

    —Sure. Last Sunday.

    A、when Mr. Smith left B、when Mr Smith will leave C、when did Mr. Smith leave D、when will Mr Smith leave
  • 11、Not only you but also Kate ________ the novel.
    A、like B、likes C、liking D、to like
  • 12、He spoke ____ quickly ______We couldn't understand anything that he said.
    A、as, as B、such, that C、so, that D、so, as
  • 13、—________Will your teacher come back from London ?

    — ______In three days.

    A、How often B、How long C、How soon D、How much
  • 14、My mother ________get up late, but now she ______ getting up early.
    A、is used to, used to B、used to, is used to C、used to, used to D、is used to, is used to
  • 15、Excuse me, could you please tell me ____________________?
    A、how get to the post office B、how I got to the post office C、how I can get to the post office D、how should I get to the post office
  • 16、You must pay attention to ___________ yourself.
    A、look after B、looking after C、to look after D、looked after
  • 17、He ______two years ago. So he has been_____ for two years.
    A、dead, dead B、dead, died C、died, dead D、died, died
  • 18、We don't know if Steve ______. If he________. We will let you know.
    A、comes, will come B、will come, comes C、will come, will come D、comes, comes
  • 19、_______ weather it is!
    A、How bad B、How good C、What good D、What a good
  • 20、The policeman warned the man _______ after drinking.
    A、not to drive B、to drive C、driving D、drives
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