• 1、She usually gets upat 6 a.m.(对画线部分提问)

    does she usually up?

  • 2、Lucy often has breakfast at seven o clock. (改为一般疑问句)

    Lucy often breakfast at seven o'clock?

  • 3、Her favorite animals aredogs.(对画线部分提问)

    her favorite animals?

  • 4、Excuse me, what time is it, please? (同义句转换)

    Excuse me, the , please?

  • 5、Are you free tomorrow? (同义句转换)

    you time tomorrow?

  • 6、你想和朋友约明天10点半在你家见面,可以这样说:
  • 7、你看到你的同学李成拿了很多书,你想帮他,可以这样说:
  • 8、别人帮助了你,你想赞扬他(她)太好了,可以这样说:
  • 9、你的朋友问你周末是否有空,你想知道什么事,可以这样问:
  • 10、你出门忘记戴表,想问别人时间,可以这样问:
  • 11、—_____ pet dog is this?

    —I think it's Martha's.

    A、Whose B、Who C、What D、When
  • 12、Thank you for _____ me to find my way home.
    A、help B、helping C、to help D、helps
  • 13、David _____ home _____ half past five.
    A、get; at B、gets; in C、get; in D、gets; at
  • 14、It's seven thirty. It's time _____ to school.
    A、go B、going C、to go D、goes
  • 15、_____ kinds of animals do you like?
    A、Whose B、What C、Why D、How
  • 16、Kangkang helps the little monkey find the way _____ home.
    A、to B、at C、/ D、from
  • 17、_____ This is your home. You can see your mother now.
    A、Here you are. B、Here we are. C、Here they are. D、Here it is.
  • 18、Which of the following has the same meaning with "eleven to twelve"?
    A、eleven past twelve B、eleven twelve C、twelve eleven D、eleven forty-nine
  • 19、It's time to go to school. Judy has to _____ now.
    A、come B、coming C、go D、going
  • 20、Let's meet at the school gate _____ half past three.
    A、in B、at C、on D、with
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