• 1、在英语课上,同学们就暑假喜欢的旅游方式展开了讨论。请你根据下表内容,用英语写一篇短文参与讨论,并阐述你的观点。
    Classmates' opinionsTraveling for sightseeingLearn about some places
    Relaxing and enjoyable
    Traveling for the summer campLearn some useful skills
    Your opinion
    短文首句:Recently, we have discussed the ways to go traveling.
  • 2、    阅读下面短文,从A、B、C三个选项中选择正确的图片填入⑴⑵⑷三个空格中,并在第⑶⑸小题的空白处填入适当内容,完成文后图表。Service robot superstars shine at conference,aim to make life easier
        At the 2017 World Robot Conference, service robots were the stars.They work most closely with people.They help to do different jobs in daily life.
        Teotronice is a music teacher.He looks like the famous ET, but his 53 fingers make him play the piano well.He played John Lennon's song Imagine at the conference.
        The supermarket robot
        Are you tired of shopping in the supermarket? Now,it becomes much easier with the help of the robot.You just talk to it,and then it will lead you to the things you need to buy.You can also use the robot to pay for your items.
        Bestic acts as a human arm to feed people with a spoon.This robot can be a good helper for kids,the elderly and those with difficulty using their hands.
    Service robots
    Play the piano well
    The supermarket robot
    Make shopping much⑶
    feed⑸and the elderly and those with difficulty using their hands
  • 3、    阅读下面短文,在空白处填入一个适当的词,或填入括号中所给单词的正确形式。    As a well-known Chinese TV hostess,Dong Qing hosted two cultural shows,Chinese Poetry Conference and Readers.The two shows were encouraging people(love) traditional culture and find the beauty of life.
        Dong was born into a (high)educated family in 1973.She had a great love for traditional literature(文学)fromearly age.In 2015 when she was about to study in the US,Dong received an(invite)from the director of Chinese Poetry Conference asking her to be the hostess.Because of her love for traditional literature,Dong(accept)the job.
        "The competition (interest)me very much.Hosting it is a way of learning about poetry and performing."said Dong.To her great joy, the show became more and more popular.Under the slogan "Reading touches(people)hearts",the new TV show Readers has become a success.It invites famous guests from all walks of life to read something.Dong worksboth a hostess and a producer.
        Readers became a (turn)point in Dong's 21 years of hosting.She said it brought her "quite a huge challenge".
        "There is no shortcut in this world.you want to be a good host,you need to make great preparations," said the beautiful hostess."The charm of life lies in its unknown,so we just have to try and keep going."
  • 4、B.根据短文内容和所给中文提示,在空白处写出单词的正确形式。每空限填一词。    Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa.And it is home to four (百万)people.However,it may also be the first major city in the world to run out of water.The city's water (主要地)comes from six reservoirs(水库).They hold about 870,000 cubic meters of water.But in the last three years,the city has  (面临)the worst problem in a century.These reservoirs now have just 26%of the water, according to National Geographic.
        A government(官员)in Cape Town is telling people to save water.Or, the city will have to cut off water to homes and businesses.Tile day of that cutoff is being called "Day Zero".The city said "Day Zero" could fall on(七月)9th , the New York Times reported.But the date may(改变)according to the water levels of the city's reservoirs.On "Day Zero",people will only be(有能力的)to get water from 200 water-collection points across the city.Every person will only be allowed about 0.02 cubic meters of water a day.
        The city's government is rushing to(解决)the problem.It has set up(工厂)to turn seawater into drinkable water.It is also (再同收)more used water in the hope that "Day Zero" will come later.Or it will not appear at all.
  • 5、A.用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空。每词限用一次。
    yourself    eight    succeed   punish    surprise
    (1)、I'm planning to leave on theday of the month.
    (2)、A lot of people tried to lose weight,but very few
    (3)、She wasto find many good hotels in such a small city.
    (4)、It's not fair toa whole class for the actions of one or two students.
    (5)、Boys and girls,it's important for you to learn to work out the problems
  • 6、    阅读下面四篇短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。D
        Are you an artist interested in selling your crafts(手工艺品)through arts and crafts shows in your area? Are you wondering whether you should get a booth(摊位)at the next big event in your city or if you should start at a small show?
        If you are wondering whether big arts and crafts shows mean you will make more money,you may be in for a big surprise.Generally speaking,a big show does not mean you're going to make a lot of money.In fact,many artists are left with an empty pocket after big arts and crafts events,so you want to consider a few important things before making a decision.
        First of all,consider the subject of the event and whether the product you are selling matches this subject.For example,if you sell modern superhero T-shirts,you're probably not going to do very well at a renaissance(文艺复兴)festival.Your product should match the festival's topic.
        Secondly,ask the festival's organizers how many people are expected to show up.Are your products fit for this market?Will these people be interested in buying your products?These are questions that are important to answer before entering the big show.
        Then always keep in mind that one of the most important things that you can get from a big arts and crafts show is a fan base.Turn each visitor into a fan.Ask them to follow you on your social media accounts like facebook account, so you can continue to sell to them in the future, well after the event ends.
        A lot of artists do not realize they have this valuable and useful condition in their hands.They only focus on selling more products,without seeing that these people could buy more from them in the future if their contact information is collected.After all, sales are about making friends.
    (1)、According to the passage,you can     on the big arts and crafts show.  
    A、make your crafts B、start a fashion show C、sell your crafts at a boot D、get an empty pocket
    (2)、How does the writer explain why the subject of the event should be considered?    
    A、By telling a story. B、By giving an example. C、By listing numbers. D、By showing the differences.
    (3)、To get more future customers,you should     
    A、know how many people will come to the show B、pay more attention to selling more products at a time C、compare the subject of the event with that of the products D、make the visitors become your product fans and keep in touch
    (4)、What is the writer's purpose of writing this passage?
    A、To describe some ways to meet the subject of the show. B、To tell readers some skills on making handmade products. C、To show the reasons why artists don't get future customers. D、To give suggestions on selling your handmade products on the show.
  • 7、    阅读下面四篇短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。C
        When Matty Sallin,34,was working on a degree in art and technology at New York University,he got interesting homework in electronics class.He decided to create an alarm clock(闹钟).
        "Everybody has to deal with these every day,and they are really unpleasant!"he says.He asked different people what they would like to wake up to instead of a noisy alarm.A lot of them said,"The smell of bacon(培根肉)".
        So Sallin and two classmates invented a new kind of alarm clock:a wooden box with a pig face and a digital clock that uses the smell of cooking bacon instead of the sound to wake someone up.He explains."There's no danger of burning,because I built it carefully.It uses halogen light bulbs(卤素灯)instead of a fire for cooking and turns off automatically after ten minutes.Yes,the clock itself can do it.Just a few easy steps are needed to set the alarm."
        "What you do is to put some frozen bacon in the night before and set the alarm,"says Sallin.
        "If you set the alarm for 8:00,it will turn on at 7:50 and slow cook for ten minutes under the halogen bulbs."he says,Then the bulbs turn off and a fan blows the smell out through the nose of the pig.
        "So instead of an alarm,  ▲,"says Sallin."Then you can open the door on the side and pull the bacon out and eat it."
        When Sallin was a kid,he spent a lot of time making drawing of inventions."I wanted to make an lift in my backyard and a special tree house."he says."But I never really thought I'd be called an inventor!"
        Sallin got an A in the class and went on to other things—but people continue to hear about his invention and email him every day asking where they can buy his alarm clock.
    (1)、From Paragraph 2, we can learn that    .    
    A、everyone likes bacon for their breakfast B、Sallin's classmates are tired of the homework C、people feel noisy about the common alarm clock D、not everyone needs the alarm clock in the morning
    (2)、Which of the following happens first?  
    A、Putting some frozen bacon. B、Blowing the smell out. C、Cooking the bacon for ten minutes. D、Setting the alarm clock.
    (3)、Which of the following is the best to fill in the blank in Paragraph 6?  
    A、you eat the bacon B、you turn off the bulbs C、you blow the fans D、you get a bacon smell awake
    (4)、The best title for this passage can be    .  
    A、A Great Inventor B、The Smell of Bacon C、A Special "Smell" Clock D、Interesting Homework
  • 8、    阅读下面四篇短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。B
        Recently,there was a report about a special app called "notOK".A 13-year-old girl Hannah Lucas and her brother Charlie put their heads together to create this app last year.
        Hannah has been suffering from an illness that causes her to pass out since she was little.This is very dangerous if there is no one around.She was also being bullied(欺凌)by some students at school.So she searched for an app that would allow her to press a button so that a friend or a family member would know immediately that she needed help.After realizing there was no such thing,Hannah and her brother decided to do something about it.After some research,Hannah made some early drawings of what the app might look like.Then,after taking a programming class,Charlie began to think about the best way for the app to work.
        They wanted something that would send a text message to up to five contacts that reads:"Hey,I'm not OK.Please call me,text me,or come and find me",along with a link to the user's current GPS location.
        They started looking for someone to help them make the app.And when Hannah shared her dream with people in a summer business class which she attended two years ago,they were really excited about the app.They thought of many different marketing ideas.By mid—December last year, "notOK" app was finished as a birthday present for Hannah from Charlie."It was exactly what we wanted,"Charlie said.
        In today's age,most people will agree that apps like these are great.Whether you're suffering from illness,or anything emergent(紧急的),writing a text message or making a phone call to get the help you need can be difficult.
        Hannah is happy to know that her app will help more people."It's like I went through my dark times so I could help people through theirs,"she said.
    (1)、This passage is probably from a       .  
    A、newspaper B、novel C、poster D、diary
    (2)、The underlined phrase "pass out" in Paragraph 2 probably means"      "in Chinese.  
    A、睡着 B、昏倒 C、哭泣 D、死亡
    (3)、What is the correct order for the events in the passage?  a.Hannah took a summer business class.
      b.Charlie learnt something about programming.
      c.Hannah got an illness which was quite serious.
      d.People gave Hannah many ideas about marketing.
      e.Hannah and her brother had an idea of time app"notOK".
    A、e—a—c—b—d B、c—a—e—b—d C、e—c—b—d—a D、c—b—e—a—d
    (4)、According to the passage,we can learn that "notOK"        .  
    A、is used to communicate with the doctor directly B、is a smart app created by Hannah and her friends C、is finally finished by one of her classmates in the business class D、is helpful for people who suffer from illness or anything emergent
  • 9、    阅读下面四篇短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。A
        Earning(赚)money isn't just for grown-ups.Kids can do it,too.
        Earning gives you more than money.It's also a learning process.By earning your own money.you'll learn how to be successful in the world.This includes dealing with money,understanding and getting along with other people,using what you've learnt from textbooks and using your time wisely.
    Li Yanhai,15,Liaoning
        Last year,I decided to sell used things on Alibaba's online flea market.I created an account and put pictures of my used pencil bags and notebooks online.Soon, a buyer sent a message to ask me for some details about my notebooks and finally took them.I've sold some other items as well.I have got over 50 yuan from my sales.
    Zhao Yujie,16,Jiangsu
        In our school,if someone gets good grades,he can get a scholarship(奖金).Last year,I placed 20th in our final exam and got 2,500 yuan.This made me work harder.I already have a good plan for my scholarship:some will go for my parents' birthdays and the rest for an electronic keyboard, something I have been dreaming about.
    Chen Huan,15,Beijing
        My friends and I decided to give money to poor people in Africa.We came up with a way to make money.We were allowed to buy a big box of ice cream from the supermarket and sold it at school after lunch.We've made 1,000 yuan.We will contact The International Committee of the Red Cross(红十字会)to give the money.
    (1)、Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?     
    A、The three students are from the same big city in China. B、Li Yanhai sold new items on Alibaba's online flea market. C、Zhao Yujie got 2,500 yuan for the scholarship in the school. D、Chen Huan gave the money to the poor people in Africa directly.
    (2)、The three students in the passage all      .  
    A、learn a lot more than money B、earn money by selling things C、use the money to help others D、get a large amount of money
    (3)、From Zhao Yujie,we can learn that earning money can help you     .  
    A、get more choices B、deal with your money wisely C、manage your time well D、understand other people
  • 10、    阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。    I was sitting on a plane next to a woman who was very active.I was1and wanted to take a short sleep,but she touched me on the shoulder to2herself."Hi,my name's Helga."
        As we talked, it came up that I had started a(n)3in high school,which is expected to encourage people to spend time helping others.As I4what we did during these years,Helga got very5and told me in this world there's nothing more important than6.I became interested when she told me a story about the last time she had flown.She was going back to look after her father7he had become very ill three years ago.Just as the8was about to leave,her father's doctor called to tell her that the old man had suddenly passed away.Without a word for three hours,she sat9.After arriving at the airport in her hometown, she began to 10in the waiting room while thousands of people just walked on by."11of them stopped and asked if I was OK that day." she said "it was on that day I realized kindness isn't normal."
        Helga's story kept in my mind for all these years.For many of us,we don't12other people's needs for kindness and we don't often show our kindness to13 , either.So I've decided to make kindness "normal" through my organization.Now, I travel to schools all across the US to14my stories with students.Providing young people useful ways to exercise kindness makes nay job more 15.And when I give my talks,I always think about my conversation with Helga.
    A 、proud B 、tired C 、worried D 、excited
    A 、enjoy B 、relax C 、introduce D 、control
    A 、club B 、business C 、experiment D 、organization
    A 、doubted B 、compared C 、described D 、remembered
    A 、slay B 、bored C 、nervous D 、serious
    A 、life B 、money C 、kindness D 、friendship
    A 、if B 、but C 、before D 、because
    A 、bus B 、plane C 、train D 、subway
    A 、sadly B 、angrily C 、happily D 、politely
    A 、cry B 、sleep C 、smoke D 、exercise
    A 、All B 、Most C 、Some D 、None
    A 、ask for B 、care about C 、give up D 、depend on
    A 、strangers B 、relatives C 、partners D 、leaders
    A 、read B 、share C 、review D 、prepare
    A 、natural B 、thankful C 、valuable D 、difficult
  • 11、根据短文填表。
    WhoWith whomWhere to goWhat to do
    My fatherMr Green: FranceGo
    My motherMrs Brown: PatientGo shopping and
    My sisterLinda: SmartThe USVisit
  • 12、根据短文,选择正确答案。
    (1)、How many animals does Carl keep at home?    
    A、Fourteen. B、Twenty. C、Twenty-two. 
    (2)、What does Carl think of living with the animals?   
    A、It's dangerous. B、It's comfortable. C、It's funny.  
    (3)、What happened to Carl at the age of 13?    
    A、He lost his left leg. B、He lost his parents. C、He became blind. 
    (4)、What did he do after the accident?   
    A、He looked for more animals. B、He set up an Animal Club. C、He set up a big company.
    (5)、What did he want to do?    
    A、To earn more money. B、To protect more animals. C、To see animals closely. 
  • 13、What did Alice do on Tree Planting Day?   
    A、She watered trees. B、She planted trees. C、She cut down trees.
  • 14、Who does the man live with?     
    A、His father. B、Nobody. C、His wife. 
  • 15、Where are they talking?   
    A、In the boy's home. B、In the girl's home. C、In a pet shop.
  • 16、Why does the girl plan to go to France?   
    A、To buy wine. B、To go skiing. C、To go skating.  
  • 17、What does the boy's sister look like?    
    A、Tall and fat. B、Tall with glasses. C、Short with glasses.
  • 18、选出与你听到的句子意思最相近的句子(  )
    A、Don't laugh at anybody though they make a mistake.   B、Don't agree with anybody because they are wrong.  C、Don't talk about anybody when they are not here.
  • 19、选出与你听到的句子意思最相近的句子(  )
    A、All of the reporters leave the train station on time.  B、All of the reporters reach the train station on time.  C、All of the reporters can't find the train station. 
  • 20、选出与你听到的句子意思最相近的句子(  )
    A、The noise from the neighbour made me stop sleeping last night.  B、The noise from the neighbour made me so angry last night.  C、I didn't hear the noise from the neighbour last night. 
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