• 1、Why not (go) out for a walk with us?
  • 2、We should stop people from (cut) down trees.
  • 3、—Let's have a rest.

    —Not now. I don't want to stop (study).

  • 4、She went to the park instead of (go) shopping.
  • 5、You'd better (stay) at home today.
  • 6、I didn't get a chance (work) in this company.
  • 7、I enjoy (watch) cartoons in my free time.
  • 8、They couldn't imagine (live) in a place like that.
  • 9、I'll keep on (try) at any time.
  • 10、 (eat) more fruit is good for our health.
  • 11、Remember _______ the book in time when you have finished _______ it.

    A、to return; reading B、returning; reading C、returning; to read D、to return: to read
  • 12、When I walked past the park, I saw some old people _______ Chinese t'ai chi.

    A、did B、to do C、doing D、done
  • 13、Mike sat up straight and tried _______ at people.

    A、smiled B、smiling C、smiles D、smile
  • 14、—Do you mind my _______ the door?

    —Not at all.

    A、open B、opening C、to open D、to opening
  • 15、The book is interesting and it is worth _______.

    A、to read B、read C、reading D、be reading
  • 16、I am looking forward to _______ you.

    A、meet B、meeting C、met D、meets
  • 17、If you keep _______ there, you'll get tired soon.

    A、to stand B、to standing C、standing D、stand
  • 18、The notice on the wall says "no _______".

    A、smoke B、smokes C、smoked D、smoking
  • 19、_______ the classroom clean _______ our duty.

    A、Keep; is B、Keeping; is C、Keep; are D、Keeping; are
  • 20、Your mother was angry, because you went out without _______ her.

    A、tell B、told C、to tell D、telling
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