• 1、(2016·贺州)感恩是一个永恒的话题,我们应该对帮助过自己的人心存感恩。感恩之际,我们也应该心存善念,去帮助需要帮助的人。请你以“Learn to Be Thankful"为题,根据以下提示和要求写一篇80词左右的英语短文。
    Learn to Be Thankful
  • 2、(2016·贺州)单词拼写:根据字意思及所给的中文或首字母影示完成单词,请将完整的单词填写在对应的横线上。每空只能填一词。
    (1)、John likes milk and (面包)for breakfast.
    (2)、I am (饥饿的), could you please give me something to eat?
    (3)、Of the four (季节), I like summer best because I like swimming a lot.
    (4)、—Do you know my new friend Dale?
    —I think I know him. He often (抽烟)heavily.
    (5)、The old man lives (独自).So he feels lonely. Let's go to visit him.
    (6)、October is the tmonth of a year.
    (7)、—Which do you prefer, tea or coffee?
    —N.I like water.
    (8)、Last night, my brother didn't go to bed uhe finished his work.
    (9)、Look!The girls are singing and dhappily under the tree.
    (10)、In Hezhou, I think February is the coldest in a year and July is the h.
  • 3、(2016·贺州)选词填空:阅读下面材料,用方框中所给单词的适当形式在空白处填空,每词限用一次。
    come  that  true  loud  buy  surprised  another  why  without  own
        One evening, an old lady went shopping in the supermarket. Shelots of toys for her grandson, including a knife. When she came back to her car, she found a man with red hair staring the car andtwo sitting at the back. She was surprised. She realized that they would drive her car away. Then she took out the toy knifethinking and pointed at the men in the car. "Get out of the car" She shouted . The men in the car got so scared that they ran away quickly. The lady made sure  all the men had gone. Then she took out the key to start the car. To her , she couldn't. She tried again and again and finally she knew  —it wasn't her car! She looked around and saw her  car not far away. When she came back to her car, she saw the men to her with a policeman. She thought it was time for her to tell the and make it clear. After hearing her story, the policeman began to laugh. Her face turned red.
  • 4、(2016·贺州)根据对话内容,从方框中选出5个最佳选项补全对话。其中有一项是多余的。
    A:Excuse me, sir?
    A:I want to go to the train station, but I don't know how to get the ticket from the TVM(自动售票机).
    B: Well, just press(按)here.
    A:How much is the ticket?
    A:All right. By the way, how often do the trains come?
    B:About every six minutes.
    B:At 11:00 p.m.
    A:OK. Got it. Thank you for your help.
    A.This way, please.
    B.What can I do for you?
    C.What time is the last one?
    D.It takes forty minutes.
    F.It's my pleasure.
  • 5、(2016·贺州)阅读理解D
        Have you ever had dreams about building a robot? Or putting together a spaceship? Or even seeing your face made out of chocolate? Done. All you need is a 3-D printer.
        The possibilities of 3-D printing seem endless(无穷尽的).All the user has to do is to design an object on the computer and choose a material to print in. The printers print in hundreds of different materials including glass, sugar and even skin! When the user presses(按)“print", the 3-D printer spreads the materials layer(层)by layer and like magic the object is produced.
        The first 3-D printer was invented in 1986 by an American, Charles Hull. But 3-D printing has only become cheap enough recently for most people to use. Designers now use 3-D printing to create unusual things. The Dutch artist Dirk Vander Kooj prints furniture made from old fridges. And doctors have used 3-D printing to print human body parts! The Telegraph reported in February that scientists from Cornell Medical College even printed a man-made ear.
        But like a lot of new technologies, if 3-D printing gets into the wrong hands, it can be dangerous.
        In 2011 a group of four men in the US used 3-D printing to produce ATM skimmers(提款机盗刷器).These were placed on an ATM and stole over $400,000 from users of the ATM. It is terrible to think that criminals like them might one day use a 3-D printer to print a gun.
        But for better or for worse, 3-D printing has been put into use. In a few years, you'll probably be wondering how you could ever live without your 3-D printer!
    (1)、      invented the first3-D printer.
    A、Charles Hull B、Four men in the US C、Dirk Vander Kooj D、A doctor called Corme
    (2)、What is the correct order for people to use a 3-D printer?
    a.Choose a proper material.       
    b.Press the print buton.
    c.The 3-D printer spreads the material.    
    d.Use a computer to design an object.
    A、a-b-c-d B、d-c-b-a C、a-c-d-b D、d-a-b-c
    (3)、According to the passage, people have NOT yet produced      with a 3-D printer.
    A、a gun B、some furmiture C、a man-made ear D、ATM skimmers
    (4)、What does the writer think of the 3-D printer?
    A、It is useless in our daily life. B、It is helpful but dangerous. C、It is necessary only for our work. D、It is too expensive for most people.
  • 6、(2016·贺州)阅读理解C
        In the USA, it is normal for men to shake hands when they meet, but it is quite unusual for men to kiss when they greet each other. Greetings are casual-a handshake, a smile and a "hello" will do just fine.
        The British often simply say "hello" when they met friends. They usually shake hands only when they met for the first time. Social kissing, often just a peck(轻吻)on the cheek(脸), is common in an informal(非正式的)situation between men and women and also between women who know each other very well.
        In Japan, the common greeting for both men and women is to bow when they greet someone, instead of giving a handshake or a hug.
        Hungarians like to greet in a friendly way —kiss each other on both checks. The most common way is to kiss from your right to your left. When men met for the first time, a handshake is the norm.
        In Albania, men shake hands when greeting one another. A kiss on the cheek may be also common if there is a close relationship. Women may shake hands or kiss each other on both cheeks.
        In Armenia, by tradition, a woman needs to wait for a man to offer his hand for a handshake. Between good friends and family members, a kiss on the cheek and a hug are also common.
    (1)、In Britain, when two people meet for the first time, they usually   
    A、hug B、bow C、shake hands D、kiss on the cheek
    (2)、The underlined word "nom" means "in Chinese.
    A、规范 B、意图 C、象征 D、结果
    (3)、Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
    A、In Japan, hugging is as common as bowing. B、In Hungary, people usually kiss each other on the cheeks from left to right C、In Albania, it is unusual for men to kiss if there is a close relationship. D、In Armenia, it is necessary for a woman to wait for a man to offer his hand for a handshake.
    (4)、What's the best title of the passage?
    A、Country and Culture. B、Culture and People. C、Greeting Customs Around the World. D、Body Language in Different Cultures.
  • 7、(2016·贺州)阅读理解B
        I'm David. Long ago I came to the city near my hometown to find a job. I met all kinds of difficulties and I used up all my money soon.
        It was dark outside one day. I got on a bus quietly. Suddenly, a passenger cried in a loud voice, "someone has stolen my money!" I felt nervous, because his money was in my hand. Some people suggested the driver drive the bus to the police station, but some were against it because they were in a hurry to go back home. The whole bus was very noisy. The driver then stopped the bus by the roadside and turned on the lights. At that time, one passenger said, "Turn off the lights and give the thief(小简)a chance to take out the money."Then the bus got dark.
        When I was still thinking about whether to take out the money or not, the lights were turned on again. There was no money on the floor. Someone said, "Give him one more chance." Then the lights were turned off again. I became even more nervous. The lights were turned on again but they got the same result.
        Then the passengers fell into an open discussion. Later, someone said, "Give him the last chance!" I felt awakened(醒悟的) and took out all the money when the lights were turned off again.
        For many years I have been grateful to those who gave me three chances. When the first and Second chances come, you may not be prepared well or don't have enough courage to act. When the third chance comes, you should know clearly what you should do.
    (1)、When did the story happen?
    A、In the morning. B、At noon C、In the afternoon D、In the evening.
    (2)、The driver stopped the bus because     .
    A、someone wanted to get off the bus B、someone lost money on the bus C、there was something wrong with the bus D、there was an accident in front of the bus
    (3)、What did David do when the lights were turned off for the third time?
    A、He cried. B、He still felt nervous. C、He took out all the money. D、He got off the bus and ran away
    (4)、What can we learn about David?
    A、He thanked the driver for his help. B、He found a job in his hometown C、He took the third chance to correct(改正) his mistake. D、The driver sent him to the police station at last.
  • 8、(2016·贺州)阅读理解
    Gold Water Park
    We are open in spring and summer
    Come and have fun
    Swimming Pool
    It is now open in Amazing Park!
    Water Slides
    Long Ruler Slide in Wonderland
    Tall Giraffe Slide in children's world
    Wave Pools
    Three small pools for children under 12 years old
    Two big pools for families
    (1)、Gold Water Park opens in  
    A、summer and autumn B、spring and summer C、autumn and winter D、spring and autumn
    (2)、How many slides are there in Gold Water Park?
    A、One B、Two. C、Three. D、Four
    (3)、The small pools are made for      
    A、children under 12 B、children above 12 C、primary school students D、middle school students
  • 9、(2016·贺州)阅读下面短文,从各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
        Nick is a 14-year-old schoolboy. His life is full of exams and studies on weekdays. He has 1 free time. He thinks playing computer games 2 the best way to make him relax. When he has free time, he sits in front of the computer. Just3that way, he doesn't eat or drink for several hours.
        Last weekend, he played games on the computer again. He was too4and didn't want to move. He didn't have 5 for six hours. When he had to go to the bathroom, he found he could not move. He 6 to the hospital. The doctor told him he should have a good rest and 7 doing sports.
        After coming back from the hospital, Nick follows the doctor's8.He often plays soccer with his friends.9sometimes he still plays computer games on weekends, he 10 does it for long. Now he lives a happy and healthy life.
    A 、much B 、litle C 、few D 、a few
    A 、be B 、is C 、was D 、are
    A 、for B 、on C 、in D 、since
    A 、excite B 、excites C 、exciting D 、excited
    A 、nothing B 、anything C 、something D 、everything
    A 、took B 、is taken C 、was taken D 、was taking
    A 、take out B 、take care of C 、pay attention to D 、paid attention to
    A 、advice B 、advices C 、dreams D 、hobbies
    A 、And B 、Unless C 、Because D 、Although
    A 、ever B 、never C 、often D 、always
  • 10、(2016·贺州)—Could you please tell me    ?
    —In a village in Guilin.
    A、When were you born B、When you were born C、where you were born D、where were you born
  • 11、(2016·贺州)—The traffic is too busy. We have to drive slowly.
    —I think more new roads      in our city.
    A、should be built B、should built C、have built D、build
  • 12、(2016·贺州)My sister     English since she was 9 years old. She can talk to foreigners freely.
    A、learns B、learnt C、has learnt D、have learnt
  • 13、(2016·贺州)Dave failed in the singing competition. He's very sad now. Let's go to     .
    A、wake him up B、cher him up C、pick him up D、take him up
  • 14、(2016·贺州)—Could I borrow your dictionary, please?
         .Here you are.
    A、No, thank you B、Sorry, you can't C、Yes, I'd love to D、Of cousre
  • 15、(2016·贺州)Although we are twins, I'm      than my brother.
    A、outgoing B、more outgoing C、most outgoing D、the most outgoing
  • 16、(2016·贺州)John speaks English as      as Mike. They are both good at English.
    A、good B、well C、better D、best
  • 17、(2016·贺州)The book is     interesting     I can't put it down.
    A、so;that B、such;that C、too;to D、very;that
  • 18、(2016·贺州)If you want to learn English better, you can make friends with American students and often talk to      .
    A、their B、theirs C、they D、them
  • 19、(2016·贺州)There is a pencil on the floor.     pencil is Peter's.
    A、A B、An C、The D、/
  • 20、(2017·遵义)我们都知道美国登山运动员Aron Ralston,他的故事令人感动,激励人心。在我们身边,一定也有那么一些人和事,他们或许平凡,或许渺小,但却总能鼓舞我们,摧人奋进。
    以"The Person Encouraging Me"为题,写一篇80词左右的短文。
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