• 1、—What's your favourite drink?


    A、Salad B、Fish C、Milk
  • 2、Tom is behind Jim, so Jim is ______ Tom.
    A、under B、in front of C、behind
  • 3、I don't like the ice cream. It's too ______.
    A、fresh B、delicious C、sweet
  • 4、— ______ there any beautiful flowers in your picture?


    A、Is B、Am C、Are
  • 5、I often do ______ homework after dinner every day.
    A、my B、I C、me
  • 6、—Helen, what do you have ______ Tuesdays?

    —I have Chinese, English, maths and music.

    A、on B、at C、in
  • 7、The rabbit is the box.

  • 8、—Where is the monkey?

    —It's the trees.

  • 9、Look! There is a bridge the river.

  • 10、The basketball is the door. Can you see it?

  • 11、The cat is the desk.

  • 12、—Where is Liu Ming?

    —He is the big tree.

  • 13、根据汉语提示完成短语,并选择正确的翻译。

    ⑴play                               A.洗衣服

    TV                                  B.看电视

    the pipa                         C.在星期—

    English                            D.打篮球

    some kung fu                 E.做家庭作业

    homework                      F.在....前面

    the desk and the chair    G.在书桌和椅子之间

    clothes                             H.说英语

    ⑼on                                    I.练功夫

    ⑽in of                                J.弹琵琶

  • 14、There is a (i e v r r) in my village.
  • 15、My English teacher is (g y u n o).
  • 16、The cat is (e h d b i n) the door.
  • 17、Amy likes ice cream. It's (e s w e t).
  • 18、My brother is (r c l e e v).
  • 19、Sandwiches are my favourite food. They are (i c d u e l i o s).
  • 20、There is a (p o o t h) on the wall.
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