• 1、假定你是李华,你校外教Mary回美国度假即将返回,给你发来e-mail,询问你希望她帮你从美国带什么礼物。请给她回复—封电子邮件。要点如下:





    Dear Mary,

        I am so glad to know that you are returning to China after the holidays in the USA.



    Li Hua

  • 2、假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加,删除或修改。






        Yesterday my Chinese teacher asked me recite a poem today in class. I became very anxiously at once because I had never try a poem. Then I realise that if I practised hard, I could succeed. Therefore, I decided to do his best. After I got home, I stayed in my room, spend all my time reading the poem aloud. This morning when the Chinese teachers came in, my heart raced wildly but my face went red. Though I was quite afraid to stand before my classmates, I finally remembered that what to recite. Lucky, I made no mistake at all.

  • 3、阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

    Double Trouble

        When I was eight, I wanted a toy and needed $10 to buy it. But, as usual, I was broken. I decided to ask my 11-year-old sister, Kathleen, for a loan. I went to her room, 1her for the cash. Laughing, she agreed to2 me the money, but added, "I will charge you 10 percent compound interest every 3until you pay me back."

        "Compound interest---what's that?" I asked.

        "Well, interest is what you call the4money borrowers have to pay back on a loan," she explained. "Compound interest means that the interest payments get bigger and bigger the5you take to pay back the loan. To repay the loan, you will need to give me $11 after one month. If you wait two months to pay me back, your6 will grow from $10 to $11. So I'll be charging you interest on $11. Then I will add that interest to the $11 you already owe me, for a 7of $12.10. That's what you'll owe after two months."

        "Sure. I get it," I said. Though truthfully, I was getting 8.

        Kathleen lent me the money, and I bought the toy. My birthday came a month later, and my mom gave me $10. 9, that was just the amount I needed to buy another toy I wanted 10. I put off paying my sister for a month. After another month, I11about the loan.

        Several months later, on Christmas morning, my sister and I each found a $02 bill in our stockings. I was just putting it into my pocket 12Kathleen tapped me on the shoulder.

        "Sorry, kiddo. That's mine. I'm 13on your debt."

        "Huh?" Then I remembered the loan. "Hey! How can it be that much? I 14borrowed $10."

        "True," she said, "but interest has been compounding for eight months. Now you 15me $21.43." She paused, then added. "You can pay me the $1.43."

        I 16to believe that a $10 loan could more than double so quickly. Much to my 17, my sister got her pencil and tablet and showed me exactly how it all added up.

        My head 18as I tried to keep track of Kathleen's 19, but this time, I got the basic idea of compound interest. I 20the hard way that borrowing money can be "double trouble" in no time.

    A 、blaming B 、begging C 、searching D 、preparing
    A 、pay B 、send C 、lend D 、hand
    A 、month B 、year C 、week D 、day
    A 、little B 、same C 、enough D 、extra
    A 、shorter B 、longer C 、more D 、less
    A 、cash B 、saving C 、note D 、debt
    A 、total B 、cost C 、number D 、bill
    A 、encouraged B 、shocked C 、confused D 、satisfied
    A 、Gradually B 、Obviously C 、Unfortunately D 、Hopefully
    A 、seriously B 、anxiously C 、secretly D 、desperately
    A 、forgot B 、knew C 、talked D 、cared
    A 、after B 、until C 、while D 、when
    A 、carrying B 、collecting C 、relying D 、focusing
    A 、normally B 、nearly C 、only D 、really
    A 、owe B 、offer C 、take D 、give
    A 、decided B 、refused C 、pretended D 、managed
    A 、relief B 、delight C 、annoyance D 、regret
    A 、turned B 、nodded C 、stuck D 、hurt
    A 、calculations B 、excuses C 、directions D 、discoveries
    A 、explored B 、learned C 、explained D 、questioned
  • 4、阅读理解

        At one time or another in your life you have probably done origami even if it was just making a paper airplane or something more complicated like a paper crane. The chances are that as you did it, you reflected on how inventive this traditional art is. Animals, boxes, flowers, boats: it all can be created from a single square or rectangular sheet of paper simply by folding it. No cutting, no pasting.

        But did you ever stop to think how the same techniques might be applied to engineering? Equipment that could be of real practical use? Origami meets the demand for things that need to be small when transported and large when they arrive, like the everyday umbrella. In fact, origami-inspired creations have already flown in space; in 1995, Japanese engineers launched a satellite with solar panels that folded like a map.

        "It's now mathematically proven that you can pretty much fold anything," says physicist Robert J. Lang, who quit his engineering job eight years ago to fold things full time. Lang, an origami enthusiast since age six, advised a advised well-known ear manufacturer the best way to fold an airbag into a dashboard. He is currently working on a space telescope lens that, if all goes according to plan, should be able to unfold to the size of a football field.

        At the other end of the scale, researchers are also working on tiny folding devices that could lead to breakthroughs in medicine and computing. There's no doubt that computers of the future may contain tiny, folded motors or capacitors for faster processing and better memory.

        Applications for origami engineering go further than many of us might imagine. "Some day," says MIT's Erik Demaine, "we'll build reconfigurable (可重构的) robots that can fold on their own from one thing into another, like Transformers. Too much like science fiction to be true? Maybe—though you certainly wouldn't want to bet against it."

    (1)、What do we know about origami?
    A、It consumes lots of time. B、It involves interesting ideas. C、It requires complex techniques. D、It has to do with cutting and pasting.
    (2)、Which of the following is an application of origami?
    A、A space telescope lens can be folded to the size of an umbrella. B、A satellite is equipped with solar panels and a folded map. C、An airbag can be better folded into a dashboard of a car. D、A future computer contains many huge folded motors.
    (3)、What is Erik Demaine's attitude towards origami engineering?
    A、Hopeful B、Doubtful. C、Disapproving. D、Ambiguous.
    (4)、In which section of a newspaper may this text appear?
    A、Entertainment. B、Culture. C、Education. D、Pop-science.
  • 5、阅读理解

        What inspires kids to be creative and pursue academic excellence? Some teachers use rewards in recognition of students' effort or achievement, giving them prizes, medals, certificates, or money.

        Psychologists take opposite views of how external rewards, from warm praise to cold cash, affect motivation and creativity. Behaviorists, who study the relation between actions and their consequences, argue that rewards can improve performance at work and school. Cognitive researchers, who study various aspects of mental life, believe that rewards often destroy creativity by encouraging dependence on approval and gifts from others.

        The latter view has gained many supporters, especially among educators. But the careful use of small monetary(金钱的) rewards sparks creativity in primary school children, suggesting that properly given stimuli(刺激) indeed encourage creativity, according to a study in the June Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

        "If kids know they're working for a reward and can focus on a relatively challenging task, they show the most creativity," says Robert Eisenberger of the University of Delaware in Newark. "But it's easy to kill creativity by giving rewards for poor performance or creating too much desire for rewards."

        A teacher who continually draws attention to rewards or who hands out high grades for ordinary achievement ends up with students lacking in creativity and motivation, Eisenberger says. As an example of the latter point, he particularly mentions growing efforts to tighten grading standards and adopt failing grades at major universities.

        In earlier grades, the use of rewarding system, in which students handle challenging problems and receive performance-based points toward valued rewards, shows promise in raising effort and creativity, Eisenberger claims.

    (1)、Psychologists are divided in their attitudes toward _____.
    A、the choice between spiritual encouragement and monetary rewards B、the amount of monetary rewards for students' creativity C、the relationship between actions and their consequences D、the effects of external rewards on students' performance
    (2)、Which of the following does NOT belong to examples of “external rewards”?
    A、Tom received a certificate for winning a speech competition. B、Mary was praised by the teacher for making progress in English. C、Jacky made great efforts to enter a major university. D、John was offered a free summer camp due to his hard work.
    (3)、Which of the following can best raise students' creativity according to Robert Eisenberger?
    A、Assigning them tasks they have not dealt with before. B、Assigning them tasks which require creativity. C、Giving them rewards they really deserve. D、Giving them rewards they hope for.
    (4)、It can be inferred from the passage that major universities are trying to tighten their grading standards because they think _____.
    A、rewarding poor performance may kill the creativity of students B、punishing students is more effective than rewarding them C、failing unmotivated students helps improve their academic standards D、discouraging students' expectation of easy rewards is important
  • 6、阅读理解

        I stood outside my front door catching my breath. After a lazy Christmas holiday, I had to recover from climbing stairs with carry-on bags and a suitcase. I looked up and blinked. Red tape crossed the door. I didn't understand Hungarian, but the one English word said enough: "POLICE".

        Google Translate told me I would be arrested if I entered, so I didn't. Finally, I called my rental agent. He went to the police station for more details.

        My agent returned with authorization to enter. Not only were my files undisturbed, but so were the TV and printer. The burglars had taken a few items from the top drawer as well as a small amount of foreign currency in the bottom drawer. Somehow they hadn't found the jewelry box in the third drawer.

        I was in shock. My agent's words were fuzzy, something about fixing the locks tomorrow and making a list for the police.

        Then one day, I remembered that I'd left another jewelry box in the flat. My heart sank as I thought of another locket that had been in that box, a gold engraved one with a picture of my late honey Grandma inside. When I realized the box was missing, the whole experience seemed to crash down on me. I cried.

        At the end of January, I received a registered letter from the police. The burglar hadn't been found, and the case was closed. I slept with my purse by my bed. I hid my laptop when I showered. And then another challenge rose. I was unexpectedly laid off.

        Then one July night, I reached into my third drawer, pulled out my jean shorts, and heard a small thud. I looked down and blinked: It was the tiny jewelry box I thought had been stolen six months earlier.

        Inside was the locket with honey Grandma smiling at me, being there for me, telling me not to give up. I started to cry.

    (1)、What did the red tape across the writer's door mean?
    A、There was a burglary here. B、The house couldn't be entered freely. C、The rent had to be paid quickly. D、The rental agent advertised for the house.
    (2)、What did the agent promise to do?
    A、To fix the locks the next day. B、To report the burglary to the police. C、To have an iron security gate fixed. D、To pay for missing things for the writer.
    (3)、Which can best show the change of the author's feeling after she learned of the burglary?
    A、puzzled→ anxious→ relaxed. B、shocked→ sorrowful→ nervous. C、shocked→ desperate→ hopeful. D、puzzled→ relieved→ confident.
    (4)、What is the best title for the passage?
    A、Red Tape B、A Jewelry Box C、"Lost" Smile D、Grandma's Advice
  • 7、阅读理解

        It was just before 8 a. m. on October 17, 2010. She'd checked the higher summits forecast posted by the Mount Washington Observatory before she left. Based on her experience, Bales knew that her hike was realistic. Besides, she had two plans and extra layers of clothing to better regulate her temperature as conditions changed.

        At 10:30 a. m. , the weather was showing its teeth. Bales added even more layers, including a jacket to protect herself from the cold winds and heavy fog. She made her way across the snow—covered ridge toward Mount Washington and began to think about calling it a day. Then she noticed something:a single set of footprints in the snow ahead of her. She'd been following faint tracks all day and hadn't given them much thought, because so many people climbed Jewell Trail. But these, she realized, had been made by a pair of sneakers. She silently scolded the absent hiker for breaking normal safety rules and walked on.

        Now she felt genuinely alarmed. She was sure the hiker could not navigate(找到方向)in the low visibility and was heading straight toward the challenging trails of the Great Gulf Wilderness. Bales stood there, shocked. The temperature and clouds were in a race to find their lowest point, and darkness was mere hours away. If Bales continued to follow the tracks. she'd add risk and time to the route she'd already adjusted to manage both. But she could not let this go. She turned to the left and called out, "Hello!" into the frozen fog.

        Bales wouldn't get an answer until a week later, when the president of her rescue group received a letter in the mail. It read: "I hope this reaches the right group of rescuers. I want to remain anonymous(匿名的), but I was called John. On Sunday, October 17, I went up my favorite trail, Jewell, to end my life. Weather was to be bad. Thought no one else would be there. I was dressed to go quickly. Next thing I knew this lady was talking to me, changing my clothes, giving me food, making me warmer.

    (1)、What does the underlined sentence mean?
    A、The weather began to get worse. B、Nobody controlled the weather. C、Weather could never be predicted. D、Weather was generally changeable.
    (2)、Why did Bales feel really frightened?
    A、Because she lost her way completely. B、Because the terrible weather was on the way. C、Because she was blinded by the frozen fog. D、Because she was convinced that someone was in trouble.
    (3)、What is the purpose of John's hiking?
    A、To challenge his limit. B、To go up his favorite trail. C、To donate some money to rescue group. D、To kill himself without being discovered.
  • 8、假设你是红星中学高三学生李华,你的英国朋友Peter想了解中国近四十年发生的变化以及人们对中国未来发展的期待。请你给他回邮件,内容包括四十年来人们:




    注意:1)词数100左右; 2)可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

    Dear Peter,



    Li Hua

  • 9、假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文;请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处,每处错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除除或修改。






        I used to be very addicted to computer games that I had little time to study and thus fall behind. My parents were extreme worried about me. It was what my English teacher said helped me out. She told me to have my own goal of life, otherwise your future would be hopeless. She said computer games were fun and they would not guarantee for me a bright future. Finally, I realized I must set up a goal and fight for them. At present, whenever I have an urge to playing computer games, I would think of my goal and regain my strength to study immediately.

  • 10、阅读下面材料,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

        Chinese high-speed railways are a very comfortable way to travel. They are clean, quiet and(efficiency). China (lead) other developing countries and even some developed ones in this field since the first high-speed train came into use in 2008.

        The stations are (main) built outside the town center, but local transport has been lengthened (connect) the high-speed network. The (facility) on the train are new and the staff are well trained. Even the second class chairs provide plenty of space. The passages are wide and you can move easily, not (disturb) anyone. You can use your mobile phone or work on your laptop, having access the Internet. There is also a restaurant car, though the kinds of food (be) limited. The toilets arc large, clean and user-friendly too. The train almost doesn't rock. Even when the train brakes, you can hardly feel it shake.

        What's more, with a faster check-in, the high-speed trains are also (little) affected by weather than planes. Seldom are delayed or cancelled for weather condition. Therefore, they have become the first choice for many passengers.

  • 11、阅读下面的短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

        As I stood at the base of the mountain range beside a remote African village, the male villagers all repeated the same question: Are you certain you want to climb the mountain?

        It had1been climbed by local and foreign men, and local women, but a Western female, who had2 unaccompanied and wanted to climb the mountain, was quite 3.

        I explained that I'd been4for some time-in research and in physical strength-and showed them the5I had got from their government authorizing my climb. I stressed that I'd be very6to keep their local traditions and hire one of their villagers as a guide, but it seemed to do little to reduce their7.

        The male villagers told me that the" quick mud" I'd meet would swallow me. While they couldn't remember anyone this bad actually8, they seemed convinced it was a real 9. The village women, however, smiled at me, indicating their10for my climb.

        The men11relaying stories of unpredictable danger. However, I was12 because my aunt's words kept 13in my ears-the greatest risk is not taking a risk, and we should always 14our dreams.

        Eventually, the men agreed to a(n)15that seemed to put them at ease with my climb. Besides the local guide I'd hire, they also16 me to hire three men guards with guns, for protection.

        As I started walking down the dirt path toward the mountain, I was17not only by my new mountain support team, but also by every village woman. While two women walked hand-in-hand with me, the others danced in circles around us as if in 18of a victory.

        I knew I wasn't the first Western female to make the climb. But with the women villagers19accompanying me, I felt a strong sense of 20. And I suspected they felt the same.

    A 、formally B 、fortunately C 、especially D 、surely
    A 、achieved B 、wandered C 、arrive D 、explored
    A 、rare B 、typical C 、disgusting D 、ridiculous
    A 、consulting B 、attempting C 、preparing D 、operating
    A 、reward B 、invitation C 、command D 、permit
    A 、generous B 、pleased C 、curious D 、regretful
    A 、concerns B 、thrills C 、surprises D 、problems
    A 、belonged to B 、appealed to C 、led to D 、happened to
    A 、bargain B 、possibility C 、promotion D 、dilemma
    A 、fancy B 、support C 、reason D 、disagreement
    A 、finished B 、enjoyed C 、continued D 、suggested
    A 、determined B 、annoyed C 、delighted D 、embarrassed
    A 、alarming B 、ringing C 、breaking D 、exploding
    A 、observe B 、realize C 、strengthen D 、follow
    A 、exchange B 、connection C 、explanation D 、arrangement
    A 、warned B 、refused C 、advised D 、reminded
    A 、joined B 、expected C 、frightened D 、teased
    A 、celebration B 、search C 、possession D 、defence
    A 、carefully B 、boringly C 、proudly D 、patiently
    A 、relief B 、accomplishment C 、justice D 、guilty
  • 12、根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填人空白处的最佳选项。有两项为多余选项。

        Today's students are surrounded by information. The ability to figure out exactly why authors write—and not accept every opinion as fact—is a key skill. The following strategies teach them how to figure out why authors really write.

        Start with why. "Why did the author write this piece?" is the key question asked to identify author's purpose. To help students expand their understanding of "why," post various types of nonfiction (an advertisement, opinion article, news article, etc.) around your classroom and have students quickly identify a purpose for each.

        Talk about structure. Authors use different structures for different purposes. For example, one author may use time order to explain an event, while another author uses compare and contrast to put that event into context.

        Often when authors write, they're trying to get readers to feel a certain way. Perhaps the author of an article about whale conservation wants readers to feel sad about the difficult situation of whales. Or the author of a letter may want to make the recipient feel better about a situation. After students read a text, stop and ask: How do you feel? And how did the author get you to feel this way?

        Connect it to students' own writing. It doesn't have to be said that writing and reading go hand in hand. When students are asked to write about a topic that they think everyone should know about, to explain a procedure or to share a personal memory, they'll become more conscious of how authors approach writing.

        Observe how purpose changes within a text. Author's purpose is often studied through the text as a whole, but authors have different reasons for writing within texts as well. Then, they may launch into a list of facts that make the reader feel discouraged about the situation. And finally, they may conclude with an appeal. Take a short article and break it apart, identifying the different purposes so that students see how author's purpose changes as they read.

    A. Get to the heart.

    B. Identify the topic.

    C. The readers may get more advanced in their work with informational text.

    D. For example, an author may include a funny anecdote (轶事) to draw the reader in.

    E. In particular, they'll need to figure out author's purpose and draw their own conclusions.

    F. Expand students' awareness of why people write by having them write for different purposes.

    G. Or keep a running Author's Purpose board with a list of the various reasons that authors write.

  • 13、阅读理解

        Rescue workers had collected 820 birds from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the majority of them already dead. The current spill promises to be the largest in US history, and as cleanup efforts stretch across the summer, it's clear that more oiled birds will be found, stuck and suffering in the black stick liquid. And as they do with every oil spill, rescue workers will go to great lengths to capture and clean the survivors hoping to restore them to their natural habitat.

        Is it worth the effort? Some scientists aren't so sure. Because the stress of being captured and bathed is as significant as the horror of being immersed in oil, and because research suggests that many rescued birds die shortly after being released, some experts say euthanasia (安乐死) is a more humane option.

        Clean bird feathers repel water (防水) and regulate body temperature while dirty ones don't. Oil in particular makes feathers heavier and decreases their ability to trap air, which in turn makes birds weak and become easier to drowning, overheating and organ damage. Of course, being captured and cleaned is no picnic either. Some birds wind up returning to their destroyed habitats only to fall victim to the oil again. And those who manage to avoid a second oil bath suffer dramatically shortened life spans (跨度) and lower reproductive success. Of the thousands of birds that were rescued from the Prestige oil spill off the coast of Spain in 2002, only 600 were released into the wild; most of the rest died after just a few days in captivity.

        However, bird rescuers say they have learned a lot about how to best help oil-soaked birds, and that therefore, survival rates stand to increase this time around. In the past, birds were cleaned right away, and volunteers often worked through the night bathing rescued birds. But now, captured birds are left to rest for a day or two before being cleaned, and only washed during the day, so as not to disrupt their circadian (生理的) rhythms. But part of that increase may be due to greater selectivity on the part of rescuers. The workers do blood tests right in the field now and birds that are loaded with hydrocarbons (碳氢化合物) or don't look like they're going to make it are put down right away, rather than subjected to the stress of captivity and cleaning.

        And so far, while release rates may be improving, there is little evidence of better medium or long-term survival, especially for the more-difficult-to-save species. There still aren't good protocols (协议) for repairing the internal organ damage. Anyway, rescue efforts will continue in large part because the public demands that. Euthanasia is a difficult thing to do, especially for people who have built their lives around saving animals.

    (1)、Why do some scientists doubt the effort to rescue oiled birds?
    A、Because it has cost too much time and money. B、Because human may be infected with the bird virus. C、Because it is torture followed by death to birds. D、Because migrant birds may broaden the pollution.
    (2)、The case of Spain coast spill is mentioned to indicate ________.
    A、thousands of birds were polluted by oil B、the survival rate of oiled birds was very low C、the efforts to rescue oiled birds were ineffective D、captivity is an impractical method to rescue binds
    (3)、Why do the survival rates of oiled birds increase?
    A、Oiled birds are kept in warm water for one or two days B、The second cleaning of the oiled birds in daytime is not permitted C、The rescuers often select the birds that are likely to survive D、Hydrocarbons are removed to rescue the oiled birds
    (4)、Why does oiled birds' rescue remain a controversial problem?
    A、Oiled birds' internal organ damage is permanent. B、Euthanasia is a difficult and heart-aching operation. C、The more-difficult-to-save species will die by cleaning. D、The rescue is oiled birds' suffering while seeing them die is cruel.
  • 14、阅读理解

        Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love and romance. But unfortunately, it can be just the opposite. Because of that, Feb. 15th starts the busy season for divorce lawyers, as people who were unhappy with their marriages heading into the day often decide that they no longer want to be with the one they used to love.

        A study of divorce filings (档案) in New York, Illinois and California by AttorneyFee. com, a legal referral (推荐) site, found that February is the busiest month of the year for divorce filings, up about 18% from the average month. And those seeking referrals for a divorce lawyer on the site increase 38% following the holiday, with the biggest rise on the day after Valentine's.

        Another legal site, Avvo. com, reports a 40% increase in those seeking information and advice about divorce in the period right after Valentine's Day.

    "There's a very large number of people who are considering the divorce all the time, deciding whether or not to file," said Richard Komaiko, a co-founder of AttorneyFee. "On Valentine's Day, this thing is carefully considered."

        Komaiko said February has factors other than the holiday that could lead to an increase in divorces. January is the busiest month of the year for bankruptcy (破产) filings, highlighting the financial problems that often divide couples. In addition, the cold weather of February can keep couples that are having trouble indoors and closer to each other, adding to problems.

        But Alton Abramowitz, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, believes the holiday itself often worsen the relationship for couples who are having trouble. "There's always the clients who come in a day or two after saying 'I can't believe it. I made this beautiful dinner for my husband for Valentine's Day, but he called to say he was stuck in the office and then didn't come home at all.'" Abramowitz said, "the day can create problems that lead to them finally getting caught."

    (1)、What makes Valentine's Day convey the meaning opposite to love and romance?
    A、Valentine's Day won't bring people love and romance. B、Many divorce filings change the nature of Valentine's Day. C、Couples having troubles tend to break up after Valentine's Day. D、Divorce lawyers dislike the atmosphere of Valentine's Day.
    (2)、According to the study made by AttorneyFee. com, divorce filings are ________.
    A、occurring most after the new year B、less connected with Valentine's Day C、more likely to be handled online D、at the height of popularity in February
    (3)、People intending to divorce may make use of Valentine's Day to ________.
    A、reflect on the divorce B、take legal action C、make negotiations D、put the divorce aside
    (4)、According to Komaiko why do divorces grow in number in February?
    A、Because financial problems and cold weather may bring more problems. B、Because the long winter holiday makes couples hard to get through. C、Because the husband is too busy with work to spend the day with his wife. D、Because Valentine's Day gets couples into financial trouble.
  • 15、阅读理解

        Osaka, Japan—Defending champions China lifted the FIVB Women's Volleyball World Cup trophy(奖杯)with perfect 11 straight wins after easing past Argentina 3-0 here on Sunday. With their eleventh win at the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup, China won the FIVB Women's Volleyball World Cup.

        This year, the World Cup has been played across different cities, and Team China had training sessions even on traveling days when some participating teams chose to rest up after a tiring flight." Coach Lang focuses on details of the technique in the training sessions, and I feel our team has become more balanced." Captain Zhu Ting said. This firm approach explains how China managed to turn the table against the United States at the World Cup. Never quit, especially in adversity. That's what the spirit of Chinese women's volleyball means.

        When the team struggled, Zhu was always there, doing whatever was needed to carry the team forward. That's why she has become a national volleyball icon, just like "Iron Hammer" Lang. As for Lang, she took over the flag from her former coach Yuan Weimin, who was behind China's rise in the beginning. From coach Yuan to coach Lang, and spiker(主攻手) Lang to spiker Zhu, the flag bearers may have changed over time, but the craving for championships and the steely desire and determination remain the same.

        Volleyball is a team sport and behind the on-court team there is always a supportive coaching team and staff. Lai was one of the members, shouldering responsibilities as both vice director of China's Volleyball Management Center and as assistant coach. Apart from coordinating between coaches and players, Chinese coaches and foreign coaches and sometimes within Chinese coaches, she also has to do chores. During Rio 2016, assistant coach Yuan Lingxi headed for the arena(竞技场)at 6am every day to film the matches and would return to the Olympic Village at 2am when he would start analyzing China's opponents and file reports. There are many Lais and Yuans that are not known by the public, but who remain indispensable for the team to overcome difficulties and reach their peak.

    (1)、What does the spirit of Chinese women's volleyball mean according to paragraph 2?
    A、Being a special team. B、Sticking to the end. C、Winning every game. D、Training hard every day.
    (2)、Why does Zhu Ting become a national volleyball icon?
    A、She wins many awards in the World Cup. B、She keeps strong desire and determination. C、She takes lots of training after the tiring flight. D、She does almost everything to help the team forward.
    (3)、What does the author intend to convey in the last paragraph?
    A、Hard work is vital in volleyball matches. B、The coach has a great influence on players. C、The staff behind the on-court team is also essential. D、Understanding opponents is necessary to win the game.
  • 16、阅读理解

        I work as the reception manager at my hotel.

        A booking came in a few weeks ago with a note attached that a guest would be travelling with her deaf father. This note helped us in preparing for their arrival. As they would be here for a number of days, his daughter wanted to make his trip to Ireland as smooth as possible.

        Upon seeing this note and knowing I would be the one to check them in, I decided to learn some very basic sign language. I greeted the guest in my usual fashion, asking for the surname on the booking. Once I heard the name,I immediately realized who was standing in front of me.

        I had been learning for two weeks how to say: "Welcome to Ireland. My sign language is terrible, but please, if you need anything during your stay, just let me know and we will help you."

        I smiled at the father and daughter in front of me. Turning to the father, I greeted him in ASL (American Sign Language) and began the bit I had learned for him. His daughter broke down crying and told me I was sweet. But the father just smiled and was so happy. Honestly, seeing his reaction was enough for me. It was absolutely worth the last few weeks of learning basic ASL.

        Sadly, I wasn't working the day they checked out, but they left a gift for me, a small box with some chocolates and a book on ASL. Inside was a note saying: "Thank you very much for what you did. My father has been in amazing spirits from the time you checked us in and insisted we get you a gift before we left. You have no idea how much this meant to my father and me, and we can't thank you enough. You've made his trip very special with one simple gesture."

        I cried for a solid five minutes when I came into work the next day and found this gift in my locker.

    (1)、The daughter left a note when booking the hotel in order to __________.
    A、ask for special service for herself B、give some useful advice to the hotel C、express gratitude to the hotel manager D、make her father's trip more comfortable
    (2)、The daughter cried when they checked in because __________.
    A、the author's sign language was really terrible B、her father was unwilling to live in that hotel C、she appreciated what the author had done for her father D、the author wouldn't be working when they checked out
    (3)、Seeing the father's reaction during check-in the author probably felt __________.
    A、thankful B、satisfied C、disappointed D、regretful
    (4)、From this passage, we can know that __________.
    A、the author made the daughter's check-out smooth B、the author was deeply moved by an unexpected gift C、the daughter cried for five minutes before they left D、the daughter asked the author to learn sign language
  • 17、阅读下面短文,根据其内容写一篇60词左右的内容概要。

        Scientists have announced that they have cloned the first human embryo. This has caused much debate round the world. On the one hand, some scientists point out that if you clone an embryo, you can produce valuable human tissues—such as bone or lung tissue—that could be used to save human lives. On the other hand, many people, including some scientists, disagree and are afraid that, if mankind toys with nature in this way, we may be on our way to producing a real-life Frankenstein's monster.

        Cloning is producing an exact copy of a plant or an animal using its cells. The first mammal to be cloned successfully from an adult cell was Dolly the sheep. She was born in 1996 and died in early 2003, at a much younger age than normal. When she was born, many people were worried that cloning would lead to more diseases in the animal world. However, in general the scientists were praised for their wonderful scientific advance.

        Ian Wilmut, the Scottish scientist who created Dolly, is shocked that some scientists are now considering cloning human beings. Although he researches cloning, his intention has never been to create copies of humans. Instead, he thinks research efforts should concentrate on creating new tissues and organs that can be used to cure diseases like cancer. However, some people believe that cloning human embryos with the intention of destroying them shows no respect for human life.

        Even though human cloning is causing a lot of anxiety, it is good news for Faye Wilson, a 41-year-old saleswoman who cannot have a baby. "I am anxious to have a child of my own," she says. "I don't want to adopt someone else's child—if I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby right now."

        While cloning human embryos is not legal in many countries, some scientists are already pushing ahead with research in order to produce a cloned human baby. Severino Antinori, an Italian physician, has declared that he wants to be the first to clone a human being.

  • 18、假设你是李华,你非常喜欢看英文电影,认为这是一个学英语的好办法,但是你的家长并不支持,于是你写信给外教Joyce,征求她的意见。







  • 19、阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(一个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

        For many of us, cold drinks (consider) to be one of the necessities for summer. Who can resist the (please) of drinking an ice-cold Coke after playing a basketball game on a hot day?

        However, a recent study (conduct) by the professors from the University of Ottawa, found hot drinks such as teas and coffees might actually be more (effect) to cool you down in dry conditions. According to Smithsonian Magazine, when you drink some hot drinks, you (start) to sweat more. It will remove excess heat by converting (转化) water from a liquid to a vapor. As long as you are able to sweat, you can cool down quickly.

        But that also means you're in a hot, humid room, or you are wearing long sleeves and trousers, hot drinks are (probable) not going to work. that case, Jay suggests the opposite course of action: "Hot drinks still add a small amount of heat to the body, so if (sweat) more is going to be a problem, go for a cold drink."

  • 20、阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

        Can you imagine being able to remember every single experience of your life and every word in your favorite book? That's1 Becky's life is like.

        Three years ago, Becky was reading a newspaper article which mentioned that it was2 for people to 3 the details of their life in the first three years. "What 4!" she thought, because she could5 remember her life all the way back to when she was just 12 days old. Her parents had carried her to the driver's seat of their car and6 her down for a photo.

        But it wasn't nonsense. She was just one of only 80 known people7 a mysterious condition called HSAM. Becky's unusual8 was shown on a program called 60 Minutes, where reporter Allison 9 her ability by asking her about her favorite book series, Harry Potter. Allison would pick up a 10 and open a page and read her a line. 11 Becky would name the book, chapter number, chapter name and could recite every word12 Allison told her to stop.

        Being able to remember every little 13 is great, but as every HSAM sufferer will tell you, it's also14to deal with it. We always 15 things to get over sad experiences in our lives, but it's something that people like Becky can't do. Even walking on the street and lightly16 somebody can bring back 17 memories from Becky's childhood. Also, like Becky, people with HSAM 18 do well in school, because they have problems picking up the important information from what they've learnt. Becky's great brain could help scientists find a19for terrible mental illnesses like Alzheimer. Her condition could hold the secret to treating or even20Alzheimer.

    A 、what B 、which C 、that D 、where
    A 、possible B 、impossible C 、necessary D 、important
    A 、forget B 、think C 、imagine D 、remember
    A 、fun B 、interest C 、meaning D 、nonsense
    A 、clearly B 、naturally C 、hardly D 、surprisingly
    A 、knocked B 、placed C 、lay D 、pulled
    A 、going through B 、getting over C 、suffering from D 、bringing back
    A 、thing B 、matter C 、problem D 、case
    A 、tested B 、recognized C 、knew D 、proved
    A 、film B 、book C 、magazine D 、chapter
    A 、Probably B 、Slowly C 、Immediately D 、Gradually
    A 、when B 、if C 、unless D 、until
    A 、detail B 、information C 、message D 、moment
    A 、fresh B 、great C 、tough D 、easy
    A 、reject B 、forget C 、mention D 、discover
    A 、knocking at B 、talking with C 、knocking into D 、coming across
    A 、happy B 、wonderful C 、rapid D 、bad
    A 、never B 、ever C 、always D 、often
    A 、way B 、cure C 、solution D 、suggestion
    A 、suspending B 、researching C 、preventing D 、studying
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