• 1、Some people are happy      they are noticed.
    A、in proportion as B、in proportion C、so D、as
  • 2、Men are happy      they are virtuous.
    A、as B、because C、in proportion D、in proportion as
  • 3、You will be praised or blamed          your work is good or bad.
    A、according B、as C、according as D、because
  • 4、You may go or stay,        you decide.
    A、according B、according as C、for D、because
  • 5、The youth of today are better off        we used to be.
    A、rather than B、rather C、than D、not as
  • 6、Man developed earlier        people think.
    A、rather than B、rather C、than D、not as
  • 7、I am unable to persuade him,just       you are unable to persuade a pillar.
    A、so B、because C、as D、for
  • 8、He woke up as suddenly         he had fallen asleep.
    A、so B、as C、than D、for
  • 9、I will help you rather        that you have any trouble.
    A、than B、/ C、as D、for
  • 10、The film today is not       interesting        the one yesterday.
    A、/; than B、as, than C、so, as D、as, so
  • 11、He moves more slowly than his sister       .
    A、do B、does C、doing D、did
  • 12、I have never seen so much rain as        that February.
    A、fall B、falls C、fell D、have fallen
  • 13、She thinks more about her appearance than she       her personality.
    A、thinks B、thinks about C、think about D、thought about
  • 14、        we can do for you, the happier we will be.
    A、The more B、The less C、More D、Less
  • 15、Nothing is more dangerous than        you make friends with him.
    A、that B、it C、/ D、as
  • 16、        this there are no better places.
    A、Then B、Than C、For D、As
  • 17、He has got      presents than I did last time.
    A、much B、no less C、many D、least
  • 18、I can forget her no more       she forgets me.  
    A、than B、as C、for D、though
  • 19、I have no       two dollars left in my pocket.  
    A、than B、more C、more than D、much
  • 20、My hometown is       beautiful        Hangzhou.
    A、as, that B、so, so C、than D、so, as
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