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  • 1. 完形填空

        One afternoon, I was walking with Evan on the second floor. I talked on and on and Evan walked1in front of me. As we turned a corner, Evan2me and said the ten words. “Why are you talking to me? I'm not your friend.” Those were the exact words he said to me that day. I stood there 3He kept walking and never looked back. I 4to my next class with tears coming up in my eyes.

        We 5spoke to each other after that. I6into a shell, like a turtle, to hide from the world. For the rest of my time in middle school, I didn't 7myself to get close to anyone. I push away most of my friends 8being hurt again. I avoided unnecessary 9.

        It wasn't until high school that I was able to10 my head out of my shell and begin 11people again. But even today, I am still12in choosing who I open up to. It takes me a very long time to warm up to 13

        I was twelve then. I was too trusting and I took what Evan said 14 Maybe he was having a bad day15 maybe I was talking too much. In my view, what he said to me that day 16 the course of my life, but if weren't for that17 I wouldn't have met my best friends in high school.

        I understand that, in middle school, we were all young. I've been able to 18 all the people who bullied me, but for some 19I can't seem to forgive Evan. Those words that day hurt me more than anything. I believe that one day I'll be20enough to forgive Evan too. But right now I'm still that twelve-year-old running down the hall with tears filled with his eyes.

    A、silently B、carefully C、suddenly D、happily
    A、argued with B、shouted at C、turned to D、reminded of
    A、astonished B、disappointed C、frightened D、amused
    A、came back B、gave in C、made faces D、ran off
    A、frequently B、willingly C、attentively D、rarely
    A、looked B、turned C、escaped D、lived
    A、wish B、allow C、expect D、force
    A、for fear of B、because of C、in need of D、instead of
    A、outings B、conversations C、lessons D、friends
    A、remain B、stick C、keep D、hide
    A、suspecting B、refusing C、admiring D、trusting
    A、cautions B、alone C、careless D、simple-minded
    A、anything B、everyone C、nothing D、someone
    A、seriously B、wrongly C、personally D、easily
    A、and B、or C、but D、so
    A、changed B、helped C、developed D、achieved
    A、accident B、argument C、incident D、fight
    A、forget B、remember C、apologize D、forgive
    A、trouble B、reason C、idea D、view
    A、warm-hearted B、clever C、mature D、determined


  • 2. 阅读理解

        The TED speaker series features “ideas worth spreading”. With over 1,400 to choose from, we've selected a few that are perfect for students.

        Larry Smith: Why you will fail to have a great career

        We humans may have an unfavorable habit of making excuses for ourselves of or being too confident about ourselves. Accordingly, Larry Smith, a professor of economics at the University of Waterloo in Canada, tells us why most of us will fail to have a great career. Luckily, as he puts it, there is a way out-follow your heart, as long as it is good for your career.

        Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

    Between dance team, volunteering and –oh, right—lectures, your life's crazy factor(因素)is about to go way up. In this entertaining and informative talk, Mindfulness, expert Andy Puddicombe teaches us how to be “more healthy, more mindful and less distracted” by taking just 10 minutes out of the day to be “more present”.

        Shane Koyczan: To this day…for the bullied(欺凌)and beautiful

        This talk is sure to stay with you. Shane Koyczan's “To This Day” is an affecting spoken-word poem about bullying and being different that gained over 10 million views on YouTube. In this talk, Koyczan gives a live reading of the poem, along with some stories about his background.

        Susan Cain: The power of introverts(性格内向者)

        Does a cup of tea and a good book sound like a perfect Friday night? In this personal talk, Susan Cain argues that introverts have talents and abilities. Our culture may value being outgoing, but the world needs all kinds.

    (1)、What does Larry Smith advise students to do for a good career?
    A、Don't be too optimistic. B、Learn from others' lessons. C、Never make excuses for yourself. D、Match your interests with your career.
    (2)、What is Andy Puddicombe's talk mainly about?
    A、How to concentrate. B、The need for teamwork. C、How to be a good volunteer. D、The importance of good health.
    (3)、Which TED speaker makes people who are not social feel confident?
    A、Andy Puddicombe B、Susan Cain C、Shane Koyczan D、Larry Smith
  • 3. 阅读理解

        It was a hot day, and my brother Walt and I had decided that the only way to survive it would be to go swimming in a deep swimming hole across Mr. Blickez's Pasture(牧场)and through some woods.

        The only problem with our plan was that this pasture was guarded by a huge, mean Hereford bull(公牛). Mr. Blickez had told us that Elsie was the meanest bull in the town, maybe even in the county, and we believed him. But the hotter it got, the more we thought there was something fishy about his words. For one thing, we remembered Mr. Blickez liked telling tall tales; for another, Elsie seemed like a strange name for a bull.

        Finally, I talked Mom into asking permission for us to walk through the pasture, but then another problem surfaced. Mom said she would talk to Mr. Blickez if we would take our cousin Joanie along with us. Joanie was almost two years older than me and a head taller. If her teasing ever got around my grade school, it would be all over for me. In fact, I still had a headache from a quarrel with her that morning. “I'm not going swimming with that silly girl cousin,” I told my mom.

        “Either Joanie goes with, or you stay home alone,” Mom said in her serious tone(语气). I gave in and we set out. On your way across the pasture, Walt yelled suddenly. Elsie had approached him quietly and was licking(舔)his back. Joanie and I dove under the wire fence, but while I was on the ground I looked up and saw that Elsie wasn't a big mean bull after all. She was going to keep licking my brother's back as long as he stood still.

        We had many good days growing up and visiting our secret swimming hole guarded by the so-called “big mean bull”. And as it turned out, for a girl cousin, Joanie hasn't been too bad. She's been one of my best friends over the years.

    (1)、What's the meaning of the underlined word “fishy” in Paragraph 2?
    A、Funny. B、Interesting. C、Doubtful. D、Believable.
    (2)、What's the second problem the author had to face?
    A、His mother failed to ask permission for him. B、His mother insisted on his cousin going with him. C、He quarreled with his cousin and had a headache. D、His cousin made jokes on him in his grade school.
    (3)、We can learn from the passage that Elsie         .
    A、was his owner's favorite bull B、was aggressive because of her nature C、disliked to play with little children D、was actually friendly to people
    (4)、What's the passage mainly about?
    A、The bull guarding Mr. Blickez's farm. B、The story of visiting the swimming hole. C、How friendly the so-called “big mean bull” was. D、How the author changed his attitude to Joanie.
  • 4. 阅读理解

        We all know what a brain is. A doctor will tell you that the brain is the organ of the body in the head. It controls our body's functions, movements, emotions and thoughts. But a brain can mean so much more.

        A brain can also simply be a smart person. If a person is called brainy, he is smart and intelligent. If a family has many children but one of them is super smart, you could say, “He's the brains in the family.” And if you are the brains behind something, you are responsible for developing or organizing something. For example, Bill Gates is the brains behind Microsoft.

        Brain trust is a group of experts who give advice. Word experts say the phrase “brain trust” became popular when Franklin D. Roosevelt first ran for president in 1932. Several professors gave him advice on social and political issues(问题)facing the U.S. These professors were called his “brain trust”.

        These ways we use the word “brain” all make sense. But other ways we use the word are not so easy to understand. For example, to understand the next brain expression, you first need to know the word “drain”. As a verb, to drain means to remove something by letting it flew away. So a brain drain may sound like a disease where the brain flows out the ears. But, brain drain is when a country's most educated people leave their countries to live in another. The brains are, sort of, draining out of the country.

        However, if people are responsible for a great idea, you could say they brainstormed it. Here, brainstorm is not an act of weather. It is a process of thinking creatively about a complex topic. For example, business leaders may use brainstorming to create new products, and government leaders may brainstorm to solve problems.

        If people are brainwashed, it does not mean their brains are nice and clean. To brainwash means to make some accept new beliefs by using repeated pressure in a forceful or tricky way. Keep in mind that brainwash is never used in a positive way.

    (1)、According to the text, if you're the CEO of Bai Du you can be called         .
    A、the organ of Bai Du B、the brain drain of Bai Du C、the brains behind Bai Du D、Bai Du's brain trust
    (2)、Roosevelt successfully won the election probably because         .
    A、he got his brain trust B、he got the help of word experts C、he was smart at giving advice D、he was the brains behind America
    (3)、From the passage, we can infer that         .
    A、to drain a lake means to fill it with a lot of water B、brainy and brainwash are never used in a negative way C、brainstorming is not a good choice for a political leader for lack of creativity D、a country suffers a “brain drain” when educated people move to other countries
    (4)、The author explains the “brain” expressions by         .
    A、making comments B、making comparisons C、using examples D、analyzing origins
  • 5. 阅读理解

        Are some people born clever, and others born stupid? Or is intelligence developed by our environment and our experience? Strangely enough, the answer to these questions is yes. To some degree our intelligence is given to us at birth, and no amount of education can make a genius out of a child born with low intelligence. On the other hand, a child who lives in a boring environment will develop his intelligence less than one who lives in rich and varied surroundings. Thus the limits of person's intelligence are fixed at birth, whether or not he reaches those limits will depend on his environment. This view, now held by most experts, can be supported in a number of ways.

        It is easy to show that intelligence is to some degree something we are born with. The closer the blood relationship between two people, the closer they are likely to be intelligent. Thus if we take two unrelated people at random from population, it is likely that their degree of intelligence will be completely different. If, on the other hand, we take two identical twins, they will very likely be as intelligent as each other. Relations like brothers and sisters, parents and children, usually have similar intelligence, and this clearly suggests that intelligence depends on birth. Imagine now that we take two identical twins and put them in different environments. We might send one, for example, to a university and the other to a factory where the work is boring. We would soon find differences in intelligence developing, and this indicates that environment as well as birth plays a part. This conclusion is also suggested by the fact that people who live in close contact with each other, but who are not related at all are likely to have similar degree of intelligence.

    (1)、The writer is in favor of the view that man's intelligence is given to him ________.
    A、at birth B、through education C、both at birth and through education D、through environment of one's family
    (2)、If a child is born with high intelligence, he can ________.
    A、surely become a genius B、still become a fool if he isn't given good education C、reach his intelligence limits through his own efforts D、probably reach his intelligence limits in rich surroundings
    (3)、The example of the twins going to a university and to a factory separately shows ________.
    A、the importance of their intelligence B、the role of environment on intelligence C、the importance of their positions D、the part that birth plays
    (4)、The best title of the passage can be ________.
    A、On Intelligence B、On Genius C、Dependence on Environment D、Effect of Education on Intelligence


  • 6. 任务型阅读

        All over the world people are hooked on sports, which help them to strengthen their body and build their character. They improve the participants' physical skills, and provide entertainment for the audience as well.

        Many people like to watch others play games.Often they get very excited when “their” player or team wins. If they are crazy about the game or the player, then they'll become their die-hard fans. Some sports are so interesting that people everywhere go in for them. Football, for example, has spread around the world. Swimming is popular in countries near the sea or in those with many rivers.And think of people in cold countries. Masses of people love to skate or ski in Japan, Norway or Canada.

        Chinese boxing, also has a very long history. But basketball and volleyball are rather new, which started in the late of the nineteenth century. People are inventing new sports or games all the time. Water skiing, as a modern game, is one of the newest in the family of sports.

        People from different countries or races may not be able to understand each other, but after a game, they get to know each other better and they often become good friends.They learn to fight hard but fight fair, to win without pride and to lose with grace. They also learn to be competitive and optimistic, which will equip them for life challenges in the future.

    A. They buy tickets or turn on the TV to watch the games.

    B. What fun it is to jump into a pool or lake, whether in China, Egypt or Italy!

    C. Some sports or games date back thousands of years, like running or jumping.

    D. Sports help to train a person's character.

    E. Chinese people liked doing sports even in ancient times.

    F. Sports are competitive physical activities or games through casual or organized participation.

    G. And the friendship may last for a life time.


  • 7. 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。




    注意: 1). 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

    2). 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

        Recently, as the development of the Internet, there is a kind of language calling the Web Language. The other day our class have a discussion about if we should welcome the Web Language. Forty percent of students think it ridiculous. In their opinions, it can't help people communicating, nor is it useful for learning English. Besides, it will make Chinese more standard, finally ruining our mother tongue. However, 60% of our class are fond of it. They think it simple, convenient and helpful in expressing themselves. Personally, I don't think that a good habit to use the Web Language. It may be popular, but you may also make yourself be misunderstood.


  • 8. 语法填空

        As less people choose to make sugar paintings, the traditional Chinese folk craft might have become a (distance) memory in some ways. However, a 38-year-old craftsman, Li Jiangzhong, is committed to (keep) the art of sugar painting alive.

        Li worked as miner for more than ten years. After the mine closed down, Li turned housing decoration, until he (force) to give that up due to a finger (injure). Earlier this year, he discovered sugar painting, something he really had an interest in.

        Since there was no sugar painting craftsman in his village, he studied by (he) through large quantities of videos and information on the Internet. He soon mastered the skill and could make a variety of sugar paintings. A sugar painting is made with (melt) brown or white sugar. Craftsman (normal) paint animals and flowers on a stone board with the syrup(糖浆). When the sugar cools down,appears is a piece of sugar craft.


  • 9. 假定你是李华,再过100天你就高中毕业了。写一封信给你的美国外教Joyce,感谢她这一年来对你学业上的帮助,并谈谈你的理想大学。

    内容要点 1). 表达感激之情;2). 你的理想大学及理由;3). 期待大学生活。

    注意 1). 词数100左右(开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数);

    2). 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

    3). 参考词汇:ideal college理想大学

    Dear Joyce,

        How is everything going?

        Looking forward to your reply.


    Li Hua