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  • 1. 完形填空

        My name is Timothy. I'm 21 years old and I've been diagnosed with autism(自闭症) since the age of 2. I'd like to 1 my story with you about my life with autism.

        Firstly, autism makes me a loner. I can't easily2too much human-to-human communication at the same time. I find it difficult to process all that spoken and unspoken information. I also3some other stuff that has been a rocky roadblock during my life. It's very4to live through the times that I put up with during my life5 teasing, struggling to adapt to new6like schools, on and off depression.7seeing my relative's death and the struggles with my disability. Well,8all of those horrible barriers that tried to cut me down, I have overcome them.

        Those things I mentioned are just a(n)9part of my life.10 there are good things in my life. Currently, I work at a local library to get some11. Outside of that, I'm a writer and motivational speaker to reach people and12their spirits. Now, I'm writing a book titled Through My Eyes: Tim and his Poetry, which is about my life and the 5013I've written.

        Every day, there will be14challenges that are going to fall on me, but I will get stronger as I conquer them. Now, autism can still15me and I go back into my own little16for a short time, then I bring myself back by trying to be as17as I can. I have a few18to be sociable with people. The first one is to ask others about how their day is going19the reply, and then try to talk about something we have in20

    A、discuss B、share C、exchange D、create
    A、handle B、establish C、destroy D、improve
    A、give up B、show off C、go through D、look for
    A、disappointing B、worrying C、unsatisfying D、challenging
    A、even if B、in case C、as well as D、such as
    A、place B、threats C、trends D、realities
    A、strangely B、helplessly C、carefully D、curiously
    A、though B、although C、despite D、even though
    A、difficult B、active C、central D、wonderful
    A、Gradually B、Certainly C、Impossibly D、Simply
    A、support B、rest C、money D、advice
    A、break B、recover C、understand D、raise
    A、letters B、books C、reports D、poems
    A、huge B、additional C、new D、unique
    A、effect B、affect C、influenced D、effort
    A、world B、garden C、house D、project
    A、sociable B、excellent C、honest D、beautiful
    A、aims B、tips C、choices D、questions
    A、Complain about B、Send back C、Wait for D、Think of
    A、mind B、need C、hand D、common


  • 2. 阅读理解

        Gadgets that make study fun

        Now in a world piled high with smart phones, tablets and e-readers, technology has entered the classroom in ways unimaginable. Taking classes can be fun too. All you have to do is swipe your fingers on your phone screen and download some apps, which can make your study more fun and efficient. Balancing study and play in a college setting has never been easy-and with the following few apps, it'll be tough to tell the two apart.


        Use: note-taking

        Can be used on: Phone/iPad/iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, Palm OS and     Windows, Phone 7

        Price: free

        It's hard to imagine that with all the magical gadgets, the eager, studious types would still take out a notepad, a pencil, and a highlighter—and take notes in class. While it's not an actual planner or a calendar App, if you take notes to stay organized, then Evernote is for you.The main thing about Evernote is that all of your notes are automatically sent into the cloud---and then you can access them from any web-connected computer via the Evernote app or a web browser. Evernote also supports audio and photo notes-rather handy if you want to record your lecture or take photos of any projected notes. But, of course, ask for permission first.


        Use: research database

        Can be used on: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

        Price :free ( Wikipanion Plus for $4.99,or 31.87 yuan )

        Now, you don't necessarily have to go to a library or anywhere with computer services to do research work for your paper anymore. You can get access to the research databases just on your smart phone or tablet. Wikipanion gives you a simplified version of Wikipedia without leaving out any of the site's extra features. The normal links that you'd see to each section of an article are no longer on the main screen. Instead, there's small icon located at the bottom of the App, which can be used to access all the sections of an article. You can also open the links in Safari(苹果浏览器). According to the developers' site, loading Wikipedia pages with Wikipanion is a lot faster than accessing the Wikipedia site from the iPhone's browsers. To be honest, we agree.

        Conquering Bilingual News Listening in 7 Days

        Use: English learning application

        Can be used on: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

        Price: For a limited time you can get the App for only $0.99—half price.

        Still learning English with a workbook? If so, you are behind the times. Get 21st Century Newspaper's new iPhone App, “Conquering Bilingual News Listening in 7 Days”. When you download the App on your iPhone, you can listen to the hottest bilingual news selected from the newspaper's official website (w. w. w. i2lst. cn) and read by native speakers. User can enjoy the audio bilingual news with synchronized subtitles and fantastic pictures while immersed in an authentic language environment. With a simple tap, the sentence you choose will be repeated. “Conquering Bilingual News Listening in 7 Days” has ranked No 1 on the Chinese education App list.

    (1)、The purpose of this passage is to____________.
    A、make your study more fun and efficient B、introduce some apps used on gadgets C、promote new application programs D、advertise high-tech teaching ways
    (2)、According to the passage, we can know that________.
    A、the three Apps all support audio and photo forms. B、college study is undoubtedly full of ease and fun C、students can record lectures and send them to the cloud without permission D、college students used to do research work in the library or via computers
    (3)、Which of the following is TURE about the Apps?
    A、They can only be used on smart phones. B、Evermote and Wikipanion Plus are free. C、They improve learning efficiency and pleasure. D、Evermote can merely be used on a computer.
    (4)、The passage is meant for ________.
    A、travelers B、students C、teachers D、advertisers
  • 3. 阅读理解

        Knowing how much her own children loved presents at Christmas, Ann Sutton always tried to seek help for one or two poor families. With a social worker mother, the Sutton children had inherited her commitment to service, and knew never to take their good fortune at Christmas for granted. This year, Kinzie, her seven-year-old daughter was thrilled that Santa Claus would make a special visit to a 22-year-old mother named Ashley who worked in a factory raising her 12-month-old son by herself.

        The phone rang on Sunday. A representative from a local organization was calling to say that the aid Ann had requested for Ashley had fallen through. No Santa Claus, no presents, nothing.

        Ann saw the cheer vanish from her children's faces at the news. Without a word, Kinzie ran into her bedroom. She returned, her face set with determination. Opening up her piggy bank, she put all the coins onto the table: $3.30. Everything she had.

        “Mom,” she told Ann, “I know it's not much. But maybe this will buy a present for the baby.”

        At a breakfast meeting the next day, Ann told her coworkers about her daughter's story. To her surprise, staff members began to open their purses and empty their pockets to help Kinzie. By day's end, the story of Kinzie's gift had spread beyond Ann's office. She received a call from an unknown donor. If a seven-year-old could give everything she had, he said, he should at least match her gift 100 to 1. He contributed $300.

        On Christmas Eve, Ann drove through the pouring rain to the small trailer where the Ashleys lived. Then she began to unload the gifts from the car, handing them to Ashley one by one.

        Ashley was very moved. Reflecting on a little girl's generosity, Ashley says she'll one day be able to do something similar for someone else in need. “Kinzie could have used that money for herself, but she gave it away,” Ashley says. “She's the type of kid I'd like my son to grow up to be.”

    (1)、According to the text, Ann Sutton ______________.
    A、is ready to help others B、is making lots of money C、is only caring about herself D、is a hard-working mother
    (2)、Which of the following is NOT true according to the text?
    A、Ashley lived a hard life with her little son. B、The Sutton children took Anne as an example to follow. C、Ann Sutton tried to ask for help for her own children. D、The coworkers of Ann helped Kinzie to realize her wish.
    (3)、What would be the best title for the text?
    A、An Unknown Donor B、Young Girl's Gift C、A Mother's Love D、A Story of A Young Girl
  • 4. 阅读理解

        Lockers(储物柜)have been the symbol of American high school for decades. But walk down any hallway of the new Germantown High School in Madison County, Mississippi, and you won't spot a single locker.

        New technology such as e-books, interactive(互动的)assignments and Web-based learning is making lockers in

        American high school a thing of the past.

        Officials from schools that have listed several benefits: less noise, less delay and an increased sense of safety.

        “It's all to create an environment that's student-friendly”, said Ronnie McGehee, chief official of the Madison County School District.

        Getting rid of lockers can also cut hundreds of thousands in construction costs. Madison County saved $200,000 by not including lockers in the new high school, McGehee said.

        It is also believed that removing lockers could help prevent school violence. ”Lockers give kids a place to hide things”, said Mike Nelson, founder of a safety- training group. Nelson believes that some school shootings and other incidents could have been prevented if there had been no lockers.

        However, Andrew Booth, a 10th-grader at Gemantown High, said there are some disadvantages of not having a locker. “It can make your book bag really heavy”, he said. The 16-year-old has four textbooks “plus notebooks and a binder(活页夹)” to carry to school each day.

        He said some teachers have shelves at the back of the classroom on which students can leave their bags. Others provide an extra set of textbooks in the classroom, so students don't have to carry books from home.

        New York architect Peter Lippman said schools will have to address such concerns and find ways to give students a “sense of space” “If you are carrying books around, it does limit your flexibility in the classrooms,” he said.

    Lippman said he would like to see schools starting to use the new free space to provide less structured learning opportunities for students, including gathering areas and learning centers. “If you think about a school with just rows of lockers-there's nowhere for learning opportunities in that”, he said.

    (1)、What does the text mainly talk about?
    A、The trend of getting rid of lockers in US high schools. B、The influence of new technology on some US high schools. C、The history and development of lockers in US high schools. D、The advantages and disadvantages of lockers in US high schools.
    (2)、What is not the advantage of getting rid of lockers?
    A、Saving money. B、Making less noise. C、Preventing school violence. D、Making book bags heavy.
    (3)、What is Andrew Booth's attitude to removing lockers?
    A、Complaining B、Approving. C、Ignorant. D、Favorable.
    (4)、What does Lippman suggest schools that have removed lockers should do?
    A、Give students as much freedom as possible in the classroom. B、Provide students with an extra set of textbooks in the classroom. C、Make more learning opportunities for students in the new free space. D、Put shelves at the back of the classroom for students to leave their bags.
  • 5. 阅读理解

        From July to October every year, about a quarter of the world's blue whales feed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. But the whales currently face a major threat in their favorite feeding area. Ships carrying cargo (货物)sail in the same area at the same time. All too often, the whales' paths and the ships' travel lines overlap (重叠), and a ship will hit a whale.

        According to a new study, these ship strikes have become a serious threat to the overall population of the world's blue whales. Only about 10,000 of the creatures still exist worldwide. Blue whales are the largest known animals ever to live on Earth. Even so, if hit by a container ship, a blue whale will likely die from its injuries.

        In 2007 alone, large ships killed five blue whales in the waters off San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says that because there are so few whales already, losing three to five from the California whale population every year is a significant loss. “The estimated population of blue whales in this part of the Pacific is 2,500”, says Sean Hastings, a NOAA analyst. “So every whale counts toward this species moving off the endangered-species list.”

        Now, marine scientists must figure out how to protect the whales from the giant container ships. One very simple program is already under way in the Santa Barbara Channel, a waterway that separates mainland California from the nearby Channel Islands.

        The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary has asked large container ships passing through the area to voluntarily slow down. Sailing slower will allow the ships‟ crew (船员)more time to change course before hitting a whale.

        Several of the world's largest shipping lines are set to participate in the new program. For every ship that passes through the Santa Barbara Channel at or below the reduced speed of 12 knots (海里/小时), the company that owns the ship will be paid $2,500.

    (1)、From Paragraph 1, we can know that_____.
    A、people intend to illegally hunt blue whales for money B、large ships often carrying goods may pollute the sea C、the container ships may hit the blue whales frequently D、there is fewer fish in blue whales‟ favorite feeding area
    (2)、Why is the death of several whales regarded as significant loss to the world's blue whales?
    A、Because the number of the blue whales is so small. B、Because other blue whales will be scared away. C、Because blue whales are the largest animals in the world. D、Because many blue whales get killed throughout the year.
    (3)、According to Sean Hastings, it's inferred that            .
    A、the number of the blue whales is decreasing sharply. B、the blue whales are still on the endangered-species list. C、most of the world's blue whales live in the Pacific Ocean. D、blue whales are often disturbed by other endangered creatures.
    (4)、What are the last three paragraphs mainly about?
    A、The basic responsibility of a sailor. B、Measures to protect the blue whales. C、The world's largest shipping lines. D、Ways to slow down the speed of the ships.


  • 6. 任务型阅读

        Neil Gaiman is an English author of lots of science fiction and fantasy works.His argument is that children shouldn't be discouraged from reading what adults may think of as bad books. He is dead right.

        A child in a library is an explorer venturing into a land where he has no map to guide him. This is part of the excitement. Everything is newHis taste is yet unformed, and it cannot be formed until he has tried a variety of thing.

        Not knowing what books are good or bad, an eager child will try very different things.At the age of eleven or twelve, I still read Enid Blyton Stevenson's Kidnapped, was happily terrified by ghost stories and desperately wanted to be Rupert of Hentzau, a most attractive evil character in literature.

        A child reads for enjoyment from all sorts of books. I can't remember when I stopped reading comics like the Wizard and Hotspur, but I'm pretty sure that my reading of them continued even while I was delighted in Sherlock Holmes or in the short stories of HG Wells.

        Never say “Don't read that rubbish” or “You're too young for that”. If he is really too young and the book is beyond him, he'll put it aside. If he doesn't, then he's not too young, even if he misses much that an adult reader would find in it.

        The only useful thing an adult can do is to give a child a book and say, “I think you might enjoy this.” Don't complain if he doesn't like it and turns to something that you think is bad.

    A. Anything he reads may be attractive,too.

    B. Everybody has a secret world inside of themselves.

    C. For the young reader even a bad book has its own value.

    D. Adults should be careful in what they say to a child about his reading.

    E. Almost everyone who reads widely as an adult has read wildly as a child.

    F. The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before.

    G. He is also a productive blogger and the point he gave in one of his blogs surely makes sense.


  • 7. 语法填空

        Coco(become) a hit since it was released on Nov. 24, 2017 in China. The story takes place during the Day of the Dead, when the border controls between life and death, and the dead(allow) temporary passage to the land of the living according to Mexican tradition. A young boy(name) Miguel sticks to his musical dream and accidentally makes the trip to a fantastic world of ghosts and skeletons. Although there ismurder and a fatal church-bell-related accident, the afterlife in Coco is a warm and exciting place, more funnysad, Coco is also one of those Pixar movies that(attempt) a conceptual breakthrough, an application of the bright colors and open emotionalism of modern, mainstream animation to an unlikely zone of experience. It(success) makes a family-friendly cartoon about death. The(important) of family is both specific and universalexplains the particular beats of Miguel's story and connects him to viewers regardless of background. Last but not least, the touching music adds to great fun and tenderness. So personally speaking, Coco is really a great animation movie-well worth(see).


  • 8. 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。






        Like many foreigners, I only know two words of Chinese (“hello” and “thank you”) when I came to China in 2015. Since tasks like ordering food or taking a taxi was quite stressful, so I signed up for classes. Because my teacher was very helpful, I didn't learn enough to have a conversation on. Finally, I found that the best way learn Chinese is to make friends with native speakers and spend time with him. Gradually, I learned enough Chinese to take care of a few complicated tasks. Besides, visits to the bank, and anything else which involves technical language, are still tough for me. Nowadays, more foreigners than ever are studying Chinese. I can understand how; It's a fascinating language, and there are always new words waits to be discovered.


  • 9. 每个人都对自己的未来充满期待,十年后的你会过着什么样的生活呢?请以“My Life in the Future”为题,对你的未来生活进行展望。