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  • 1. We still know little about the Moon ________ men have landed on it.

    A、if B、since C、although D、because
  • 2. China's efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 will ________ the world's ability to limit the harm in the near future.
    A、imagine B、invent C、insist D、improve
  • 3. Sorry, you can't take the dictionary away, Vicky. I ________ it.
    A、used B、am using C、have used D、was using
  • 4. Jenny just wondered ________ Angela already knew about the event.
    A、how soon B、how many C、how often D、how much
  • 5. By the time she was eight, Linda ________ read English and French.
    A、could B、must C、need D、may
  • 6. When Henry first came to Nanjing in 2010,it was all ________ to him, but he soon learnt his way around.
    A、smooth B、slight C、strange D、successful
  • 7. What a terrible experience! ________, lucky us, we are safe now.
    A、Anyway B、Otherwise C、For example D、As a result
  • 8. The poster saysBasketball Computer Game________.


    Basketball Computer Game

    2-4 players

    Bought last month

    Played once -works perfectly

    Phone lack: 3665444

    A、is designed by Jack B、is only suitable for younger players C、is almost new and in good condition D、does not work on the seller's computer
  • 9. Nanjing Zijinshan Insect Museum, which will be open to the public soon, was formed at the foot of Zhongshan ________ April 2nd.
    A、in B、on C、at D、from
  • 10. How delicious! Did the students make the fruit salad all by ________?
    A、they B、them C、their D、themselves
  • 11. —Which bicycle should I choose, sir?

    —It ______ what you want to use it for.

    A、takes on B、carries on C、puts on D、depends on
  • 12. Now waste from daily life in the city of Shanghai ______ to be separated into four different groups.
    A、is requiring B、is required C、was required D、required
  • 13. Maria is always full of ______ because she takes exercise every day.
    A、energy B、talent C、humour D、wealth
  • 14. Many Chinese characters symbolise their meanings, unlike English words which are spelt out according to how they sound.

    The underlined word "symbolise" in the sentence is a(n) ______.

    A、noun B、verb C、adjective D、adverb
  • 15. —It was a fantastic trip. So, which city did you like best, Wuhan, Chengdu or Chongqing?

    —______. There were good things and bad things about them.

    A、No problem B、It is hard to say C、Enjoy yourself D、You must be joking


  • 16. 请认真阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

        According to several recent surveys, some people fear public speaking more than anything else. 1, this fear can be overcome (克服) with two simple methods: practice and using positive (正面的) energy from the audience. Practicing for a speech is essential. 2 the task of writing the speech is complete, speakers must practice, practice, practice. The more times they practice the speech, the more 3 they are discussing the topic. Using 4 such as mirrors or video recordings as they practice can show speakers what they look and sound like to the audience. Video is particularly helpful as it can be 5 many times, with the presenters focusing (集中) on one part at a time. Another 6 of dealing with public speaking fears is using the audience's positive energy. Speakers need to remember that the audience wants them to 7. Something as basic as a small nod or a smile from a member of the audience should give 8 to the presenters behind the podium. While it is easy for nervous speakers to focus only on getting through the presentation, using the audience's 9 will (意愿) helps much in making a speech better.

        All in all, these two strategies are sure to help with fear of public speaking. With proper practice and audience empathy (共鸣), it is 10 to overcome the fear of public speaking and deliver a successful speech. So there is no need to fear public speaking any more.

    A、Luckily B、Suddenly C、Sadly D、Terribly
    A、Unless B、After C、Until D、Before
    A、nervous B、scared C、comfortable D、difficult
    A、objects B、activities C、signs D、instructions
    A、found B、sold C、cleared D、watched
    A、cause B、problem C、way     D、purpose
    A、surprise B、scream C、suppose D、succeed
    A、confidence B、challenge C、humour D、service
    A、poor B、good C、weak D、free
    A、necessary B、important C、interesting D、possible


  • 17. 阅读理解

    The Walla Walla

    Wallaby Foundation

        Welcome to the Walla Walla Wallaby Foundation of America, Washington chapter. Here you will find news, photos, and other resources about the wallaby. In addition, our site's unique (独特的) features for members include profile pages, discussion forums (论坛), and other contents. We are the world's best wallaby support group.

        For over 20 years, the Walla Walla Wallaby Foundation has served the Walla Walla community through education and outreach on behalf of the wallaby.


    Member Login

    Discussion Forums

    Member Profiles


    Contact Us

    (1)、The Walla Walla Wallaby Foundation is set up to ________.
    A、sell the wallaby's food B、support the wallaby C、take photos of the wallaby D、provide news about the wallaby
    (2)、If you want to give money to support WWWF, you can click on the icon "________".
    A、About WWWF B、Donate C、Discussion Forums D、Educational Resources
    (3)、The reading material above is ________.
    A、a diary B、a story C、a questionnaire D、a web page
  • 18. 阅读理解

        Tea is tasty and good for you. It is also one of the most popular drinks around the world. But what is tea? And why is it so popular?

        All tea comes from tea leaves but tea is not always the same. There are many kinds of tea. You can drink black tea, green tea, white tea or fruit tea. Each type of tea has a different taste and a different colour.

        The history of tea begins in Asia. In China, Korea and Japan, tea is still very important today. In Japan, it can take many hours to prepare and drink tea with your guests. In Malaysia, a popular drink at breakfast is teh tarik ('pulled tea'). Malaysians say it is good for you and tastes good withcanaibread.

        Tourists in Kuala Lumpur like watching the tea sellers make ‘pulled tea'. The tea sellers pour hot water on black tea. After five minutes, they add sugar and milk. Then they 'pull' the tea—they pour the tea from one cup to another many times.

    In many countries, you must have a special kettle to make tea. People in different countries also like to add different things to their tea. For example, Russians use a special kettle called a samovar. They like drinking tea with lemon. Sometimes, they also drink tea with some sugar or jam.

        In Turkey, tea comes in aCaydanlik. ACaydanlikhas two kettles: one for the water and one for the tea. Drink Turkish tea with some sugar.

        Arab tea, calledkarak, has cardamom, ginger, milk and sugar. In the United Kingdom, they add some milk and sugar.

        The British usually eat biscuits with their tea. In Japan, they like…

    (1)、Tea, a drink with a long history, first appeared in _______.
    A、Europe B、America C、Asia D、Africa
    (2)、The writer uses the punctuation mark "…" at the end of the passage to ________.
    A、express his uncertainly of the subject B、show his special taste in Japanese tea C、attract readers' interest in further reading D、hide his limited knowledge in this field
    (3)、What is the best title for the passage?
    A、The History of Tea B、Different Tea Kettles C、The Most Popular Drink D、The World in a Teacup
  • 19. 阅读理解

        LIFE is AWKWARD. What should you do when your parents are embarrassing (使尴尬) you in front of your friends? Or what if you see what looks like a classmate stealing someone else's headphones? In our social Q's column (专栏), the teenager Harper Ediger and the adult Philip Glances give their best advice to kids looking for help navigating real-life situations. Now it's your turn: Do you have a question about an uncomfortable social situation at school, at home, on social media or among friends? Email it to us at Kjdsqs@njpost. com and Harper and Philip may answer it in a future issue. Please include your age and hometown. C'mon, we know you have one.

        To inspire (激励) you, here are reader-submitted questions we've published in previous issues:

        My mom signs me up for camps and activities without asking what I want to do. I only learn what I'm doing at the last minute. I don't like that it's a surprise, and I feel that I should be able to help plan my time. How can I have more of a say?

        At my school, fourth graders need to learn different dances, then dress up for a fancy party where we ask partners to dance with us. This makes me nervous, and I'm not looking forward to it. How should I handle this situation?

        My sister is home for college break,and lucky me, she's my roommate. As I'm 12 and she's almost 19, we both want our own space. I know she doesn't mean it personally, but she always complains that she doesn't have a home, which makes me feel as if I'm intruding in my own room. Do I tell her how I feel or let it go?

    (1)、What should be included in your email to the social Q's column?
    A、Name, age and social media. B、Age, school and hometown. C、Age, hometown and questions. D、Name, school and questions.
    (2)、The underlined word "say" in the passage means ________.
    A、the ability to plan time B、the chance to set up camps C、the right to make decisions D、the plan to enjoy activities
    (3)、The writer uses some published reader-submitted questions in order to ________.
    A、show kids ways of solving problems B、give kids examples of what to write about C、share Harper and Philip's advice with kids D、offer kids a chance to complain about their lives
    (4)、The social Q's column is designed to ________.
    A、help kids deal with their troubles B、train kids to write C、have kids introduce themselves D、advise kids to behave well
  • 20. 阅读理解

        Me: Hello, Television Viewers! I am Aziza Bellamy, and thanks for watching. I want to especially thank you, Ms. Bertha, for agreeing to this interview on live television. It's a pleasure to meet you, the first-known trans-galactic visitor to Earth. Now, I understand that you are from a planet called Zadernol?

        Bertha: Just call me Miss Bertha or Bertha, please, but not "Ms."

        Me: Okay, sorry about that. So, you've been on Earth for about a week now. What have been your biggest disappointments or challenges so far?

        Bertha: It's not the worst planet I've ever been to. Mercury was much worse. The aliens— oops, I mean humans, have been unkind, overall. The family I'm staying with, for example, were nice at first. But now they roll their eyes whenever I open my mouth to say anything. They're not interested in any of my stories. And I think they may be trying to avoid me. Worst of all, they make me wash my own dishes and bathe myself. They're so rude.

        Me: Oh, um. . . wow. That's just.…

        Bertha: I am used to having high standards when I choose where to stay, by the way. I have stayed with royalty and presidents on other planets. And they all adored (崇拜) me and begged me not to leave. But I gave this human family a chance to host me. I mean, really, they should be grateful that I selected them, of all the people on Earth, to wash my clothes and cook my meals and entertain (款待) me.

        Me: Well, what you're saying is surprising, Bertha. Do you think it's possible that this family just wants you to pitch in a little, to be a good guest?

        Bertha: It's odd to me that you're not agreeing with me. If you were smarter, you'd agree with me. That's another thing. Everyone on Zadernol is smarter than the smartest person on Earth. Earth is below me.

        Me: You know what. Bertha? I'm starting to see why you're so unhappy here on Earth. You're just a boastful (自夸的), spoiled alien.

    (1)、Who is hosting the interview?
    A、Aziza Bellamy. B、Bertha. C、A trans-galactic visitor. D、A president.
    (2)、Which of the following sentences from the passage is an opinion?
    A、Well, what you're saying is surprising, Bertha. B、So, you've been on Earth for about a week now. C、I have stayed with royalty and presidents on other planets. D、But now they roll their eyes whenever I open my mouth to say anything.
    (3)、From the passage, we know that Aziza is ________.
    A、proud of Bertha B、interested in Zademol C、dissatisfied with Bertha D、scared of Bertha's words
    (4)、What might Aziza write in his diary about the interview?
    A、Talking to Bertha was great fun. I now know much about Zademol. B、We should try to improve our earth as Berthas hometown is much better. C、The interview was interesting. But I dislike the family Bertha is staying with. D、It was an unusual interview, and an unexpected experience as well.
    (5)、We can learn from the passage that ________.
    A、being boastful will win us few friends B、there are many good reasons to be boastful C、people who boast a lot are better than others D、boasting a lot is a good way to get people to like us


  • 21. This is the (第三) time that I have been in Nanjing.
  • 22. Tom kept calling me for years, (甚至) after he graduated.
  • 23. Why don't you (邀请) Jerry to play sports in the playground tomorrow morning?
  • 24. What you learn at school plays a very important part in shaping your behaviour in (社会).
  • 25. If you go to Beijing, make sure you visit China Science and Technology Museum. It's my favourite museum in the (整个的) country.


  • 26. It's popular (hire) a boat and row on the Xuanwu Lake.
  • 27. The noise made sleep (possible), so I got up and read a book.
  • 28. The Siberian tiger, known as the Northeast Tiger in China, is (large) tiger of all.
  • 29. Beijing Opera brings to life many ancient (story) that help shape Chinese culture.
  • 30. China has (rapid) become a world leader in high speed rail. Journeys that took days now take hours.


  • 31. 请根据对话内容,从下列方框中选择适当的单词或短语填空,使对话内容完整正确。

    sell  next month  musical ability  raise money  How about

    John: Where have you been? You missed the announcement about the music festival.

    Frank: I was at the teacher's office. Music festival?

    John: Yes, it's going to be  in the school hall. Frank, you can play the violin.  playing it at the festival?

    Frank: Well, I'd rather play the piano. I can playMojito. What about you, John?

    John: Actually, I don't have much . I'd prefer just to do some voluntary work. I can  tickets.

    Frank: So can I guess that the aim of the festival is to  ?

    John: Yes. All of the money will go to charity.

    Frank: Well, if it's for a good cause, everyone should take part!


  • 32. 请认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词。


        Cars powered by gasoline were sold for many years before hybrid vehicles that use gasoline, electricity, and solar energy, Car companies are now making cars that are fully powered by electricity only. How do these electric cars measure up to (符合标准) traditional gasoline cars?

        Electric and gasoline vehicles look similar on the outside. They have very different parts under their hoods. though. Electric cars have one main moving part: the motor. But gas cars literally have hundreds of parts, often requiring frequent maintenance (保养) Having fewer parts makes the electric car cheaper to maintain and less likely to have mechanical problems.

        Electric vehicles are energy efficient, also making them cheaper to operate. It costs about $1. 00 to travel 43 miles in an electric car, which is a clear contrast to a gas car, which costs about $1. 25 to go 18 miles. Basically, an electric car can go twice as far as a gas car for the same price.

        Electric vehicles do not have tailpipe emissions, making them more friendly to the environment, too.

        While some details make electric cars seem attractive, other details aren't as favorable. For example, some electric cars can travel only 60 to 120 miles on a full charge (充电). Most gas cars can drive hundreds of miles on a full tank.

        An electric car has to stop more often to get recharged. Therefore, a gas car would be a better option (选择) if you have far to drive. And electric cars aren't as convenient (方便的) to power up as gas cars are. There are plenty of gas stations, but not many charging stations for electric cars. Then, once an electric car reaches a charging station, it can take up to six hours to charge.

        There are certainly benefits to both electric cars and gasoline cars. It's good to know that there is an option.

    Electric cars vs Gasoline cars


    With the appearance of electric cars, people wonder whether electric cars can achieve the  standards as gasoline cars.


    Electric cars and gasoline cars look similar on the outside.

    Electric cars

    ● Having fewer parts reduces the  of their maintenance and the  of having mechanical problems.

     with gasoline cars, electric cars are more energy-saving, making them cheaper to operate.

    ● Having no tailpipe emissions, they are more environmentally .

    ● It  more time for electric cars to get charged.

    Gasoline cars

    ● Gas cars can cover a  distance on a full tank than electric cars on a full charge.

    ● Gas cars are more  to power up.


    Both electric cars and gasoline cars have their own benefits. which provides people with a .

  • 33. 请根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词。

        Do you have difficulty learning English words? Well, k a vocabulary notebook for learning new English words is not difficult. Here are some easy steps. First, buy a notebook w at least 100 lined pages. You should select the color and size notebook that you prefer. S, write down any important words that you come across when reading or listening. This step r you to decide whether a word is important enough for you to learn now. Do not assume (认为) that you will learn the word l. The next step is a bit difficult because you need to decide w information about each word you will write in the notebook. Some learners write only a t of the word. Others write an example phrase using the word. I information that matches your learning style and your needs. Finally, the most important thing you can do to learn the words in your notebook is to p these words several times. If the pages of your notebook arc well organized, you are more likely to review the words and their information over and over. If you f these important steps, you can improve your English greatly. Come and have a try!


  • 34. 假如你是李华,在学校英文校刊KIDS MAG上看到招募夏令营营员的信息。请根据招募内容,用英语给校刊写一封信。


    Hi! This summer holiday we will have different camps for kids. Here are three popular ones. Join us! Make a choice and explain why you choose it.

    Reading Camp

    ●Chinese literature

    ●Western literature


    Culture Camp

    ●Western music

    ●Chinese art


    Sports Camp

    ●Ball games

    ●Water sports


    Come and have fun!





    Dear Sir or Madam,

        Thanks for offering us such wonderful camps. …