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  • 1. —The Youth League Committee is looking for volunteers for the promotion of rubbish-sorting. Would you like to join in?

    —________. Everyone should do his bit.

    A、You asked for it B、You bet C、You have my word D、You've got me there
  • 2. To carry out the research on the chimp will ______ living in the jungle for several years.
    A、include B、contain C、focus D、involve
  • 3. ––Do you mind if I smoke here?

    ––I suggest you go to the separate room ______ for smokers.

    A、to reserve B、reserving C、reserved D、being reserved
  • 4. — I can't stand David any longer. He's always finding fault with me.

    — ______. He isn't so bad actually.

    A、It's my guess B、Up to you C、Oh, come on D、You are right
  • 5. Judith ______ on her new novel which is supposed to come out next month.
    A、has been working B、had worked C、will be working D、was working
  • 6. There is usually an interval between the first half and the second half ______ the coach will tell his players how to play well.
    A、where B、which C、that D、when
  • 7. The window was forced open. The burglar ______ slipped into house through it.
    A、obviously B、incredibly C、immediately D、accidentally
  • 8. When facing a hard question, most people can't give an answer ______.
    A、obviously B、incredibly C、immediately D、accidentally
  • 9. ______ I'm concerned about most is ______ we can collect a huge amount of money in such a short time.
    A、That; how B、What; if C、What; how D、As; whether
  • 10. An enormous wave covered our boat and Bill fell into the sea. Fortunately, he was ______ by a boat passing by.
    A、taken up B、picked up C、made up D、turned up
  • 11. A grand banquet was held by Elizabeth II _____ President Xi's current state visit to the UK.
    A、in terms of B、in honor of C、in favor of D、in memory of
  • 12. No student ______go out of school after eleven o'clock at night without the teacher's permission.
    A、will B、must C、may D、shall
  • 13. As global warming increases, the Earth will become less and less suited to life, and many species will face ______.
    A、extinction B、direction C、calculation D、application
  • 14. Since I have little work experience, I will have to take a series of unpaid internships ______ I could find my ideal job.
    A、before B、after C、as D、when
  • 15. I can't find my purse. I___________ it in the supermarket yesterday, but I'm not sure.
    A、should leave B、must have left C、might leave D、could have left


  • 16. 完形填空

    Growing roots

        When I was growing up, I had an old neighbor named Dr. Gibbs. He didn't look like any doctor I'd 1 known. When Dr. Gibbs wasn't 2 lives, he was planting trees.

        The good doctor had some 3 theories on planting trees. He believed in "No pains, no gains". He never 4 his new trees, which was 5 many people. Once I asked why. He 6 that watering plants spoiled(宠坏)them, and that if you water them, each following tree generation will 7 weaker and weaker. So you have to make things 8 for them. He talked about how watering trees 9 shallow roots, and how trees that weren't watered had to grow deep roots in 10of water. I came to understand that he meant deep roots were to be 11. I planted a couple of trees a few years back and I took good care of them. Two years of 12 has resulted in trees that expect to be waited on hand and foot. Whenever a cold wind blows, they 13 and tremble their branches. Funny things about those trees of Dr. Gibbs'. The lack of water seemed to 14 them in ways comfort and ease never could.

        I used to 15 for my sons that their lives will be easy. But 16 I've been thinking that it's time to 17 my prayer. I know my children are going to meet 18, and I'm praying they will be strong. The prayer for comfort is seldom met. What we need to do is to pray for deep roots,19 when the winds blow, they won't be 20 away.

    A、even B、ever C、never D、hardly
    A、valuing B、making C、enjoying D、saving
    A、exciting B、dull C、interesting D、terrible
    A、watered B、raised C、loved D、sheltered
    A、against B、beyond C、within D、from
    A、wondered B、answered C、doubted D、guessed
    A、grow B、change C、appear D、show
    A、harmful B、favorable C、tough D、wonderful
    A、made for B、head for C、allow for D、care for
    A、charge B、favor C、honor D、search
    A、treasured B、challenged C、respected D、liked
    A、education B、information C、preparation D、devotion
    A、dance B、shake C、spread D、lift
    A、harm B、raise C、benefit D、hurt
    A、pray B、apply C、stand D、call
    A、perfectly B、formally C、obviously D、lately
    A、attend B、say C、change D、keep
    A、hardships B、worries C、bosses D、jobs
    A、or B、so C、and D、but
    A、given B、sent C、broken D、swept


  • 17. 阅读理解

        Sydney Airport International Terminal-Arrivals Area


        Newslink: Two separate Newslink storescater toall your reading needs including newspapers, magazines and the latest bestsellers.

        Downtown Duty Free: Make sure you shop at Downtown Duty Free for great savings on a range of items including perfume, alcohol, skincare and cigarettes. It's your last chance before customs.

        Beach Culture: A must for those who go into the Latest in beach clothing. Top surf, street and fashion labels including Mambo, Stussy and Quicksilver, including children's sizes.


        Blue Sky Care: Speedy service leaves you time to keep an eye on the arrivals gate. Morning pastries, fresh juice, breakfast rolls and coffee while you wait.

        McDonald's: hamburgers, fries, drinks, muffins and shakes—all your family favorites. Breakfast served until 10:30 a. m.


        ATM: ATMs are conveniently located throughout Arrival and Departures. Dollars, pounds, francs and RMB are all available.

        Vodafone Rentals: This communication center offers the very latest technology for mobile phone rentals, sales and servicing.

    (1)、Where is this passage likely to appear?
    A、A morning newspaper. B、A monthly magazine. C、A geography book. D、An official guide.
    (2)、The underlined phrase "cater to" probably means ______.
    A、satisfy B、afford C、support D、help
    (3)、If you want to have some coffee while waiting for your flight, you can go to ______.
    A、Vodafone Rentals B、Blue Sky Cafe C、Downtown Duty Free D、McDonald's
    (4)、At Beach Culture you can buy ______.
    A、newspapers and magazines B、skincare and cigarettes C、Mambo and Stussy D、fresh juice and breakfast rolls
    (5)、Which of the following is true according to the text?
    A、You can have breakfast at McDonald's at 11:00 a. m. B、You'll save money if you buy alcohol or perfume at Downtown Duty Free. C、You'll not find any beach clothing for your seven-year-old boy in Beach Culture. D、There is only one ATM throughout Arrivals and Departure.
  • 18. 阅读理解

        On a sunny, spring day, a group of children, four to seven years old, sit on their bicycles. They wear helmets to protect their heads and gloves to protect their hands. Their mothers, standing nearby, watch them closely. The children are ready to learn how to ride. Rachel Varn still remembers how she felt riding a bicycle for the first time. She says, "It is probably the biggest confidence booster (提升). It gives kids such a sense of independence and self-guidance." Now, her job is helping children experience that moment.

        Rachel Varn left her job of selling bicycles to become a trainer for bicycle riding last year. She founded Pedal Power Kids to teach bicycle education. Before starting a ride she teaches the children how to make sure the bicycles are in good condition for safe use. She calls it " the ABC quick check." "A" is for air. she explains, "We have to check out tires before we ride. "B" is for brakes. We want to make sure our brakes work before we find ourselves at the top of a hill about to go down. And "C" is for chain." She says the chain must be clean.

        The rest of the training is more fun. The children learn riding skills, from balance and pedaling to turning, starting and stopping. And they learn to keep their eyes up and look ahead while riding. Varn says many children struggle to do this. They look down at the pedals instead. She adds, " Obviously that doesn't allow them to see what's going on around them, and it doesn't allow them to turn properly either." Varn says watching where you are going helps you turn easier.

        Learning to ride a bicycle can open a whole new world to children. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and freedom. They become more sensitive to their surroundings and better able to make safe, smart decisions going from one place to another. Varn's goal is to get more children on two wheels. She says," That's really a great way for kids to be active and develop healthy habits. It helps reduce pollution and just keep families and communities connected."

    (1)、Racher Varn's Current job is ______.
    A、Looking after preschool children B、selling bicycles on the Internet C、teaching children how to ride bicycles D、providing consulting service of riding bicycles
    (2)、What does "the ABC quick check" refer to?
    A、Basic skills of driving a vehicle. B、Exams to take after the bicycle course. C、Some useful tips before riding a bicycle. D、Things to check before buying a bicycle.
    (3)、Looking down at the pedals while riding a bicycle ______.
    A、makes the rider forget to brake B、makes turning more challenging C、helps increase the speed of riding D、helps the rider be aware of the ground condition
    (4)、From the last paragraph, we can learn about ______.
    A、what Varn's goal is B、what being a trainer means to Varn C、what the benefits of learning at an early stage are D、what learning to ride a bicycle means to children
    (5)、Which can best describe Rachel Varn?
    A、She is very strict about teaching. B、She is enthusiastic about what she is doing. C、She doesn't care about her income. D、She wants to become a successful business woman.
  • 19. 阅读理解

        Imagine your body is like the house you live in. Every day, your family creates rubbish. The rubbish builds up until it is put out for the weekly garbage collection.

        Now, say you put three bags of garbage out, but because one of the collectors was away sick, only two bags are collected. You take the leftover bag inside to be put out again next week. The following week you put on another three bags, plus the leftover bag from last week. But again, only two bags are collected. Imagine this cycle is repeated over the following weeks.

        This is a simple description of what happens to your body when your kidneys (肾脏) don't work efficiently. Your body is not thoroughly emptied of waste products. Other areas of the body such as blood pressure and red blood cell production are affected and theinsidious process that may lead to kidney failure begins.

        It's not uncommon for people to lose up to 90% of their kidney function before developing any symptoms. There may be no warning signs. This makes early detection (诊查)difficult.

        Kidney's main job is to remove toxins (毒素) and unwanted water from our blood. Every day our kidneys clean an average of 200 litres of blood. Kidney failure may be a gradual and silent process, going unnoticed because there is no obvious pain.

        Research shows that more than 35% of the patients requiring dialysis (透析) do not see a kidney specialist before they have to do so. Some risk factors for kidney disease such as age and genetic make-up are out of our control; however, some changes in lifestyle may help prevent kidney damage. Two major risk factors for kidney disease, diabetes (糖尿病) and high blood pressure, have been on the rise over the last few decades. Both conditions are chiefly affected by being overweight and not getting enough exercises, which are the potential (潜在的) risk factors for the kidney disease.

    (1)、The author gives the example of the house we live in to indicate that ______.
    A、it doesn't matter much if the waste in our body is not emptied in time B、our body will not produce any waste if our kidneys work efficiently C、it's important for our body to empty the waste in time every day D、it's safe and harmless for our body to keep some waste
    (2)、The underlined word "insidious" in Paragraph 3 means ______.
    A、smooth and safe B、clear and fast C、gradual and unnoticed D、long and painful
    (3)、We can infer that when we find some symptoms related to our kidneys, ______.
    A、the kidney failure begins B、the kidneys can still work properly C、we have lost about 10% of kidney function D、the kidneys may have been seriously damaged
    (4)、How many risk factors of kidney disease are mentioned in the passage?
    A、Six. B、Five. C、Four. D、Two.
    (5)、Which of the following helps prevent kidney damage most effectively?
    A、Go to see a kidney specialist shortly before dialysis starts. B、Take enough exercise and make early detection of kidney disease. C、Try to keep low blood pressure and a stable lifestyle. D、Go to hospital whenever you find any warning signs.


  • 20. 阅读短文,按照题目要求用英语回答问题。

        This past week I was assigned to go without technology for six hours for study. I assumed that it was going to be impossible. Nowadays, people have become so dependent on technology. We are so addicted to it that we will panic when we can't remember where we have put our phone.

        I began my day at 9 am, turning off my phone. I grabbed my wrist watch and some textbooks and set off for my day. I went to a coffee shop for breakfast and as I sat down, instead of pulling out my phone, I pulled out the book I was currently reading. As I ate my bread, I felt like it was more delicious and that I could actually enjoy reading because I wasn't checking my phone every few seconds. I could actually appreciate what I was reading and absorb it. I had entertainment and I was able to keep track of time with my watch.

        In the afternoon I found myself in the library, I had to study for an upcoming math test. So the lack of technology was actually a blessing for me. I took out my textbooks and began to work on writing out all the definitions I had to learn in pencil. During the process, I found thatI just never had the patience or attention span before.

        Those six hours taught me that we don't really need technology. We have just psychologically tricked our brains into thinking that we need to constantly be on it, checking what our friends are doing and making sure we are also doing something. Technology constantly bombards (轰击) us with information. That day I wasn't stressed over why a friend of mine was texting me, and I was just doing something for myself. Technology takes away all the simple moments, which we now take for granted because we are so addicted to it that we don't take the time to notice the world and the small things around us.

    (1)、What's people's problem with the technology? (no more than 6 words)
    (2)、What did the author find in the coffee shop? (no more than 10 words)
    (3)、What does the underlined part in Paragraph 3 mean? (no more than 15 words)
    (4)、According to the last paragraph, what's the author's attitude toward technology? (1 word)
    (5)、How do you think we should handle technology? (no more than 20 words)


  • 21. 假定你是新华中学学生李津,通过新闻得知天津正在实行垃圾分类制度。请你代表学生会写一份演讲稿呼吁大家积极配合。内容如下:



    参考词汇:垃圾分类garbage sorting 有害垃圾hazardous waste

    (1)、审题:体裁: 人称: 时态:
    (3)、Garbage sorting separates recyclable trash from other trash. It is beneficial to environmental protection. (用非限制性定语从句改写)
    (4)、Picking out household food and hazardous waste prevents the spread of disease and improves our living conditions. (用分词做状语改写)
    (5)、Our city will become more beautiful when we support this campaign to protect the environment.(only置于句首的部分倒装改写)


  • 22. 假定你是新华中学学生李华,得知外教Mr. Hall寒假不回国,并且对中国的传统节日感兴趣,你想邀请他到你家过春节。请给他写一封信,内容包括:

    ⑴写信的目的;     ⑵介绍春节和春节习俗。



    参考词汇:Gala 晚会。

    Dear Mr. Hall,


    Your sincerely,

    Li Hua